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Default Re: New Trainers Association - Open

Originally Posted by Bumblebee16 View Post
Name: Bumblebee
Timezone and time I'm free: -5 GMT 7 A.M - 12 PM or 10 PM - 2 A.M
Tier I wish to learn: Gen V OU
Experince Level (have battled before): Haven't battled before competitively before.
About Me: Huge Transformers fan ;). Just want to start battling on wifi or PO once I learn more about battling. Been playing since R/B/Y, but only did it for fun, not to battle. Now I want to :].
Wifi/PO: Either.
Welcome, were in the same gmt-5 which is cool. I think its great that you have access to both, having po will help with the testing, but will have to remember po is good for testing but training on wifi is tough but worth it. getting you battling in both would be awesome.
hey man, i would think being an rpg official means you have some experince. RPG is based on battling, so you have know the moves and whats effective.
First question, did you beat black and white and how much do you know about breeding ?

Originally Posted by UnknownX View Post
Timezone and time I'm free: -5 GMT, 5pm - 12pm on weekdays because of school.
Tier I wish to learn : A mix of Gen 5/4 OU
Experince Level (have battled before) : NONE ^-^
About Me: Nothing special, just bored of everything. Not much to do except play some sports with friends.
Wifi/PO: I have stable wifi but don't know what PO means :P
Welcome Unknownx, Is today your first day here at pe2k ?
Its cool to see that you want to learn both 4th and 5th, a lot of people around here love the 4th gen. The 5 gen has some extremely strong pokemon that you need to watch out for but gives you the awesome option of 5th gen ou, and 5th gen dream world :)
which games do you have ?
PO is an online simulator, that gives you a chance to build a team without breeding pokemon. you then use those pokemon online to battle, you can find tons of matchs. PO is awesome and extremely fast paced,but youll see a lot of the same stuff, wifi gives a chance to test out your creativity.

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