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(OOC: Money in case: 6,250 – 500 = 5,750)


The Cobalion complied with her request, letting her take a picture of the sleek creature before it disappeared to watch over Pokémon in other areas of Oktori. After, they continued on, getting closer and closer to the Froslass's nest.

They stopped to rest it bit further down the path, and Chainy tried to take a seat on one of the snow-covered rocks. However, as soon as he made contact, the rock moved and threw him off. Some of the white fell down to reveal a Piloswine, its shaggy coat having collected bits of the environment to cloak itself. However, it wasn't so happy that it had been disturbed, and it was making a bunch of threatening sounds and movements.

“I don't suppose you want to try and capture this Piloswine?” he asked.

She shook her head, and Mienfoo took that time to climb down and take a sort of stance in between her and the wild Pokémon. He growled a little, and if she was honest, it was more cute that frightening, but when the Piloswine pretended to charge him, he yipped and scrambled back behind her legs.

Ivy laughed a little bit, crouching down so she could stroke the little fighter's ears. “I'll pass,” she told Chainy. “This one seems a bit aggravated. Here, give it this,” she added, reaching into a pocket on her cargos to pull out a doll. She tossed it to him so he could give it to the smaller mammoth, and then all of them took some much needed rest.

Mienfoo contented himself with playing in the snow and chittering to Haji in a language she couldn't understand yet. She wondered if she would be able to eventually. All of that depended if Mienfoo wanted to go with her. She'd really like to take him, but she wasn't going to make him if he didn't want to. They still hadn't got the verdict on Lucario yet, and that would have to wait until Froslass was dealt with. She didn't want to leave the little fighter without a guardian if she could help it, not while he was still young.

She let the Pokémon rest though, and instead she told Chainy about what had happened with Cobalion. He had looked a little sour ever since then, and since it would only help his determination against the ghost, it wouldn't hurt. She almost offered to show him, but then she thought that some of the Legend's visions weren't meant to be seen.

They sat like that for a while, knowing the task ahead of them was going to be tough. Froslass probably wouldn't fight as honorably as many of the Pokémon on the mountain did, and that made her infinitely more dangerous.

Mienfoo was making a lopsided snowman in the thin coat that covered the ground. It was only about half a foot high, but he looked happy. He was proudly showing Haji his achievement, and the purple cat was humoring him. He wasn't bothered by the little fighter's energy.

Knowing she had to do this before they reached the Froslass, she called out to get Mienfoo's attention. He immediately stopped what he was doing to dash over to her, pausing about a foot beyond where she was sitting. “I don't know what's going to happen with the Froslass,” she began, not really knowing how to word things. “A lot of Pokémon could change once the ghost is gone, and some of the mind tricks she played on them might not go away. That includes Lucario.” In reality, she had no idea if some of that stuff was permanent or if it would fade after the Froslass was either defeated or captured.

The little fighter had a puzzled look on his face. She didn't want to upset him, but she had to ask. She reached into her vest pocket and pulled out a Park Ball, holding it out so he could see. “Do you want to come with me when its over? I may not have much, but I can promise a home. I think I'd miss you a lot if we parted ways here.”

She sat there with her arm resting on a knee, waiting for him to answer her. She wouldn't blame him if he wanted to stay, especially if Lucario did. However, if all went well, she'd like to take the Lucario, Mienfoo, and the Meditite she captured back with her.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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