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Default Re: Activity Here and Pokemon Online server

Originally Posted by Caspian View Post
This is an A+ thread, Elf. I agree with everything stated herein, but I'd also like to propose that clans get a subforum of their own and a league to participate in, much like the Smogon Premier League or what they're doing at Mysidia. Wars are fun, but I think this would boost competition between clans, while the former would clean up the forum A LOT.

I can also host a server, but it would be hosted on my computer, so it couldn't be up all the time, if you guys are alright with that.
its awesome of you to volunteer, im in the same spot right now. i have two computers but im not sure i can keep one on all day long.
There is a sub forum being created but not for clans. I think it will clean up the battling center a lot.
as far as league clans, thats an interesting idea that ill think about.

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