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Default Duel Peninsula (Tournament Started!!!)

The waves brushed the shoreline gently as the morning came. On the beach, several people were beginning to awaken, looking around and wondering where they were. Suddenly, an amplified voice pierced their ears.

"Rise and shine, duelists!"

They quickly gazed up to see this disturbance. A helicopter floated above them carrying a man holding a megaphone.

"What's up everybody? Enjoying the scenery?" the voice greeted. "I'm WebMaster and I bet you're confused on where you are right now and how you got here. Welcome to Duel Peninsula! You were all kidnapped while you were sleeping and placed here. This is where the toughest battlers compete for all the marbles."

The people stood in shock as they gazed at the chopper

"Now I know you're thinking 'What exactly are we competing for?' Well, how are you gonna get off this island? There's no material to make a raft or a boat or anything. Your Pokemon can't swim past the minefield around the island. The only way out is to fly and SAM installations scattered on the nearby islands will shoot at Pokemon. I guess you'll just have to fly out with me on my chopper. And take a look. I only have one seat. What are you gonna do about that?"

The people did not know how to respond. Nobody wanted to stay on the island.

"In your pocket, there's a bag containing 100 star chips. You must battle each other wagering different star chip amounts. The person with the most star chips gets to leave; the others…….not so much. LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!"

The helicopter flew off leaving the battlers in panic.


General Rules
  • You are given 1 week (168 hours) to sign up
  • You must keep track of how many star chips you have. You must also keep this updated. Inaccurate records are not tolerated
  • You must use AIM. Forum battles are not allowed
  • Tournament lasts four weeks (28 days).
  • You must separate your star chip gains and losses by week
  • When signing up, please create your stat post on this thread. A sample one will be provided.

  • All battles will be done with these rules
  • 4v4 and up
  • BW Revo
  • Helds on
  • SLP/FRZ/OHKO/Evasion Clauses
  • Payments are $500 extra for all parties. (Ex. 4v4 earns the winner $2000, the loser $1250, and the ref $2500)
  • To refs: please log these battles in the log thread as soon as possible as they may be needed for proof of challenges.
  • Also to refs: I will pay these wages myself at the end of the week
  • Taking more than 10 minutes to send your move is not acceptable. The ref will warn you if you are doing so and you will have 2-3 minutes to send if you say you are still thinking. Anything afterwards results in a forfeit. My only concern for refs is: don't be a jerk.
  • If stats are saved, the battle must be finished by the end of the week. If not, the ref must PM them to WebMaster and/or Pidge and a winner will be declared from the appearance of the stats or the battle may be called no contest.

  • The person that is challenged (who will now be referred to as the target) decides how many Star Chips (which will now be referred to as SC from now on) will be wagered right after the rules are stated
  • You must wager a whole number of SC (you can't wager 55.4325 SC)
  • The minimum amount that can be wagered is 25% of the challenger's amount of SC
  • The maximum amount that can be wagered is 50% of the challenger's amount of SC
  • Round down to the nearest whole number if the minimum and maximum amounts are not whole
  • If the minimum amount is greater than the amount the target has, he/she must wager all of his/her SC instead
  • For the purpose of finding minimum/maximum wagers, If you must leave during a battle and stats are saved, the star chips wagered are "held" and are not counted in either combatant's star chip total.
  • If you have 0 SC, you are out of the tournament

  • A person may only battle another person once in the tournament week
  • Avoiding the tournament as a whole and hoarding your starting star chips is considered avoiding challenges. Do not sign up if you will not be available during any of the weeks.
  • If you have already battled three times during the day (a new day starts at the time this post was made), you can refuse a challenge if you provide proof you battled three times to your challenger through battle logs
  • Avoiding challenges (denying a challenge and refusing to arrange a future date and time) is considered an automatic loss with the minimum wager. These infractions will be tallied and applied at the end of each week. If you do the same thing the following week, you will be disqualified
  • If someone is avoiding challenges, PM/IM WebMaster or Pidge.

Prizes (subject to change depending on participants)
8th: Simple or lower Pokemon
7th: Simple or lower Pokemon + 1 battle item from Mart
6th: Medium or lower Pokemon
5th: Medium or lower Pokemon + 1 battle item from Mart
4th: Hard or lower Pokemon
3rd: Hard or lower Pokemon + 1 battle item from Mart
2nd: Complex or lower Pokemon
1st: Legendary Pokemon for 3 months + Demanding or lower Pokemon + departure from peninsula
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