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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [SU & DS]

Whooo hoppin on board with this cause this seriously epicness covered in awesomesauce and all nicely wrapped up in pure win to make Double Rainbow sushi.

I have no idea what I just said XDDD

Name: Anastasia/Isataxansa/Ranna (she doesn't remember her last name)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Alignment: That's hard to say. Anastasia is Light while Ranna is Dark, and Isataxansa is Neutral. It depends on who is in control of the body.

Rank: Apprentice

Appearance: Her bangs are actually longer than this, but the stupid thing didn't have the right hairstyle. Her yellow eye is supposed to be completely covered in an emo-fringe hairstyle. Her other eye is an odd light grayish-blue. When she transforms into Ranna, both of her eyes turn yellow; but when Isataxansa takes over her left eye completely disappears, leaving an empty socet behind.

Normally she wears a sleeveless black shirt with two belts crossing over her chest (clipped to the belts are potions, hi-potions, ethers and whatever) On her right arm is a cobalt blue pauldron and rerebrace, both decorated with elaborate silver lines. Her pauldron sweeps out into spikes in an almost winglike fashion and give her an air of beauty and deadliness. Her pack holds all of her extra stuff is a simple dark blue gym bag, one of those bags that you can cram three times as much stuff in than you would think by just looking at it. It's always slung securely over her back, this way her movement isn't restricted when she fights. Below she wears a pair of knee-length jeans and a pair of black military boots that go all the way to the bottom of her knees. A thick black belt is looped through her pants, where a few other things are clipped in as well as her weapon.

The yin-yang necklace is pure, deliberate irony.

Personality: Anastasia seems like a very sweet and lovable person. However most say she is paranoid, for lack of a better word. The first odd signs you would notice while being in her presence was her constantly looking around, as if she thinks there is someone behind her when no one is there. Second is that she is constantly muttering to herself, and sometimes she looks as if she's on the verge of a breakdown. It is the talk of all the other Apprentices that Anastasia is totally cracked in the head, and in an ironic way she is. Anastasia herself is kind and sensitive, altohugh she's very easily hurt and offended, but despite this she tries to always do what she thinks is right. She would so anything for a friend or comrade, even if they treat her badly.

And then there's Isataxansa and Ranna. Both of them are two separate entities that share living space inside Anastasia's head. The twist is that all three of them are the same person. But Isataxansa is cold and cynical and cares nothing for others. She is extremely conceited and self-centered and everything she does is always something that would benefit her. Despite this, she is the voice of reason and is by far the most intellectual of the three. The most infuriating thing is while Isataxansa comes off as cruel, her decisions are usually the right ones.

Ranna is a whole different ballgame. She also has little regard for others, but for entrirely different reasons. Isataxansa believes herself to be better than others, and Ranna sees others as little more than a snack. Her way of thinking is primal and fragmented, but her more instinctive reasoning has her seeing the truth of things much quicker than the others. She is the voice of intuition and has saved Anastasia in times past. She is very quick to anger and she reacts swiftly to her anger--which is, in other words, beating people to a senseless pulp.

History: Anastasia's past is a bit twisted, to put it lightly. She used to be a kind, friendly girl going through her life. She wasn't overly special, or at least she didn't really thin so. But for some reason she was, or maybe she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time when a Heartless got hungry and attacked her. Needless to say, she stood no match against the creature and she lost herself in the darkness.

She split then, into a Nobody and Heartless. Her Nobody was much like herself, except she looked older and she was much more cruel. The Nobody also called herself Anastasia and retained a human form for herself, which eventually led Organization XIII to her. It was just in its early stages and not even all of Ansem's apprentices had fallen yet. Xemnas "recruited" her and gave her a new name, Isataxansa, but ultimately she looked after herself. She was never dedicated to the Organization's cause and was more likely to wander off and do her own thing than follow orders. It was because of this that Xemnas never gave her a true number and just referred to her as Number X (the X being literal here, not the symbol for ten) She retained all of her memories of her previous self, but she never felt the sense of loss as her comrades did. Rather, after a year of living as a Nobody, she started to welcome the change and feel more comfortable in it.

On the other side of the split heart, Ranna wandered as Heartless are wont to do. She also retained a human-looking form, although it was a bit more vague. She had a head and torso, along with two yellow eyes and a widely grinning face, but below the waist was nothing but a mass of shifting shadows. Unlike Anastasia, Ranna had much longer hair that always drifted behind her and four tentacle-like appendages growing out of her back. She had no desire to gain back the rest of her heart either and was content to just live out her life hunting others. It's this mindset that led to so much trouble later on.

One day, the Nobody and Heartless inevitably met. It was quite by accident, naturally, but the moment they looked at each other they immediately recognized the other for who they were: the other half of their split heart. Rather than feel elation, as some might have, they were instantly repulsed by each other. They attacked without a second thought. Isataxansa knew that her Heartless had the power to reunite them, since she was the one holding the heart. She thought that is she could kill the Heartless then her heart would disappear--she was not a Keyblade weilder, so her heart would not go to Kingdom Hearts. Even though they were both good fighters, Isataxansa eventually won through her spells and power. However, instead of disappearing, as she hoped, her heart immediately raced back into her and united the Nobody and Heartless.

Anastasia woke up with only the scattered pieces of memories to give her any clue as to how she got there. What happened next was an even bigger shock: a Keyblade materialized next to her, and she grabbed it as if it were the only thing that was keeping her alive. One of the Masters of Everlastia happened to be nearby, and he felt the presence of another Keyblade and raced to find the source. There he found the girl clutching the weapon to her and murmuring to herself, unresponsive to anything he said. He took the delirious girl and brought her back to Everlastia; shortly afterward she came down with a high fever and spent many days tossing and turning and murmuring to herself as if there were other people there. You would think that with her heart back everything would be fine and dandy and filled with cotton-candy unicorn dreams, but that was far from the case. Isataxansa and Ranna had grown so fond of themselves and what they had become that their minds refused to merge together, even if their bodies did. The result was three separate minds crammed into the same body. Anastasia was usually in control, since it was her body after all, but ever since she was reborn she has always had the voices of Isataxansa and Ranna whispering in her head in a neverending stream of background music. Her memories of her times as a Nobody and Heartless are disjointed and often unclear, and she shies away from those memories, thinking them to be too terrible to contemplate, so she only has a general idea of what happened in the past two years of her life.

When she finally awoke she found herself in a strange, unfamiliar world with all of these people staring down at her. They asked for her name and she gave it. Then they aske dhow she came to weild a Keyblade. Anastasia had no idea what it was, but when it was explained she fearfully--and truthfully--admitted that she had absolutely no idea. The Elders were skeptical about taking her in, but they did so for two reasons. One was that the Keyblade had chosen her and they could not turn her away, and two was that they could sense something strange inside her. Somehow, Darkness and Light seemed to have acheived some sort of tenacious balance between each other, and they felt that she would be a perfect Master in the sense that she would understand the dangers of darkness and avoid it.

IT didn't quite turn out that way though. It was really two against one with the Light deal. Anastasia had her Keyblade to help keep Ranna and Isataxansa at bay, but they constantly hounded at her every day, trying to chip away her sanity. In the rare times that all three of them worked together they were unstoppable, which was why she was deemed an Apprentice so quickly. Recent murmurings of darkness has been turning in her mind however, and she finds her control even more precarious than before.

Keyblade: Divided Heart. I drew this myself, and it took me forever, so any stealers shall make me very, very unhappy. Divided Heart is special because it can sense the presence of Heartless and Nobodies and one half will glow according to which is near. It can also be wielded by Isataxansa or Ranna, but Ranna absolutely refuses to touch it.

As for special powers, Anastasia herself has nothing particularly special about her, except for one thing: she can relinquish control of her body and let Isataxansa or Ranna take over. When that happens she turns into whoever is in control.

Isataxansa had control over the element of Decay when she existed (and this could indirectly let her have control over Poison as well) If she wasn't reeling in her power then her mere presence would cause everything around her to decay: wood rotted, stone crumbled, and metal rusted. If she touched someone and let loose her power then they could shrivel up and become a sack of skin and bones in a matter of minutes, the same went when she uncoveres her eye. She doesn't do this as often as you would think, since it makes the terrain quite difficult to traverse afterwards. Also, whenever she weilds a weapon it immediately becomes poisonous.

Ranna can move in and out of shadows as easily as a fish moves through water. Because she has no legs, she can also move inhumanely fast. Because she is surrounded by shadows, she can also manipulate them to some extent, flaring it out like a cloak or wings. Her main use is her tentacles, which can stretch out to ridiculous lengths and grab onto anything with an unnatural strength.

Other: (Any other details you feel are needed; here you can say who your character is apprenticed to—if they’re an apprentice, that is—or details you might need to add to describe the fandom you pulled your character from)
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