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“So here we are again,” Elena said, brushing some of her brown hair behind her ear so it rested just past her shoulder. She was looking down the gravel road that would lead to their destination: The Great Lakes. “What do you think, Toshiro?”

“Jol...” he replied, keeping up with her as she started to move down the south-east path.

Technically, it was her Jolteon's first time here. She had been here previously on a run to Mount Deckbi in order to look for Ground-types for a friend of hers. Ironically, that was sort of why she was here again too. Her friend collected Ground, Rock, and Steel-types, and because she did so much research and excavating, she didn't have a lot of time to go out and find some of the Pokémon she wanted to study. Elena hated staying in one place for too long, so she had offered to venture out to look for her.

Toshiro was quiet as they traveled, his eyes kept straight ahead. At first she had thought he didn't like her much, since he was a fairly new addition to her team. When she asked Horus, her Xatu, he said that the Jolteon was just very serious. He liked to be goal-oriented, so Elena thought the Park would be a good place for him since it was a clear-cut process to catching Pokémon.

They finally reached the Lakes Outpost, but nobody was there. She could see waving grasses and pools of water beyond the gate, but she knew they weren't supposed to venture in with a Ranger. Instead she found a rock to sit on. She brushed her tan vest out of the way and seated herself. The Jolteon took a seat by her feet. He grumbled a little bit, and she smiled as she shook her head.

“Yes, I remember. We're looking for the Pokémon on Glenne's list. I won't forget.”

Then, they settled in to wait for a guide to take them through. Elena couldn't stop playing with the glove on her left arm as she struggled to stay still. The Park was safe, but she couldn't help the reflex. Being motionless made her nervous.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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