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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [SU & DS]

Name: Daniel Conleth

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Alignment: Undecided

Rank: Recruit

Appearance: Like most humans in his world, Daniel's form is normally humanoid but distinctly block-like in nature. He has medium length brown hair, and light blue eyes. His skin is slightly tanned, due to his numerous years spent in the wilderness. He wears a beige t-shirt and blue jeans, slightly torn from his work. He has a set of iron armor he dons when he is on any kind of mission that involves combat. All of this is covered in a healthy layer of soot and dust, due to his frequent dives into the caverns of his homeland for precious minerals. These minerals are stored in a leather backpack, along with a plethora of other tools.

However, Daniel takes on a more standard and detailed appearance for a human being in the world of Everlastia. His general features have become much more organic, his features becoming more human like in nature. Overall there is no indicator of his original form, and he only reverts back to this original state when he visits his own dimension, and any of the other dimensions that the Overworld connects to. It must be noted, however, that his items and armor do not change state and remain in their blocky shape. This includes the objects inside his inventory pack, which By some form of enchantment however, his armor still fits him.

Personality: Daniel is first and foremost a survivalist. Due to the nature of his previous nature, he believes that all things must be done for a given purpose, and that all things must be used in someway. He hates waste, as he sees mostly everything (except gravel) has a purpose.

A jack of almost all trades, Daniel is among other things a miner, farmer, builder, and fighter. Among other things, he claims to have slain at least 100 Creepers, exploding creatures whom most in his world would not dare go near. While this may be exaggeration, it is true Daniel is skilled with both the blade and the bow. He is also somewhat adept at the arts of enchantment, but magic was never one of his strong points.

History: The world of Minecraftia is a vast, endless plane created from blocks. In this world one can travel through endless deserts, wander through massive forests, scale tall mountains, and fall into the darkness of caves leading below. This world is the world Daniel comes from, a beautiful landscape that stretch outward to the horizon.

But Daniel didn't experience this world until he was 15. Before he came to be an adventurer, Daniel lived in a small village called Chandur. Formally inhabited by a mysterious peoples known as the Testificate, Chandur had been abandoned when they migrated to another land years ago, and later discovered by a group of travelers whose former home had been destroyed by raiders. Deciding to resettle the town, Chandur quickly grew into a renowned village, it's fields known to be some of the most fertile in the land. Daniel Conleth was born to Chandur's blacksmith and his wife, and for a good amount of time he lived peacefully in this town.

Until of course, the incident. Unlike most heroes, born of traumatic incidents that could not have been foretold or prevented, Daniel created his own demise and his own tragic pitfall. At the age of 15, Daniel had been given by his father a solid iron ingot to either sell or use for his birthday. Daniel decided to use the ingot, but in a dangerous manner. Deciding he was going to do something exciting, he decide to make a flint and steel, a taboo item in the town of Chandur.

Heading into the woods outside Chandur, he decided he wanted to light a small fire, just enough to watch it burn and then quickly put out. But when he lit the flame, things quickly went awry and the fire spread, until the forest was engulfed in flames that were impossible to put out. Fortunately however, Daniel got out before there was any present danger. By the time rain came to put out the flames, half of the woods were now a charred wasteland. This disaster was one of the most infamous in Chandur, and the wasteland sections became known as "The Barren Hills".

Eventually Daniel's role in the destruction of this pristine land became known, and it was decided almost unanimously that Daniel should be punished with banishment into the wilderness. His parents tried to defend him, but they were powerless to stop what had become of Daniel. And so, a week after his birthday, Daniel set out from Chandur and into the wilderness.

The first few months were harsh ones. Over the next few days Daniel managed to make a warm and comfortable home, but it required him to spend the first week fighting off the undead hordes and the horrid beasts of the land. These were hard times, and food was sadly sparse for him. But with resolve, Daniel managed to survive, and by the end of the first month Daniel had in place a farm, pens for livestock, and a large home with plenty of storage and rooms. He continued to work nonetheless, but there was enough surplus to last him through hard times.

The next few years had Daniel adapt to his loneliness and overcome it, and soon he found companionship in a wolf he had tamed in the forest. He named the wolf Dawn, as she was discovered during that part of the day. He also managed to accumulate tons of mineral wealth, allowing him to boast a stash of redstone dust, iron ingots, gold, and even a few diamonds. He had also travelled to the Nether in order to obtain among other things Netherrack and various magical ingredients. It was with these items that he later built the Spirit of the Tunnels, the idea coming to mind four weeks from his turning 17. He built the blade and enchanted it, and found it to be of more power than thought possible. It was the first step towards his eventual discovery of Everlastia, which would occur on another of his fateful birthdays.

The day he turned 17, Daniel saw no significance. He made himself a cake, but that was only a minor occasion and took up only a small amount of time. Instead, he decided to go out into the wilderness for a few days in order to find some new caves to mine. Packing some goods, he took Dawn with him on his journey.

Trekking out, Daniel found few significant caves with good mining prospects. However, he found something much stranger. Indeed, Daniel found, for the first time, a Stronghold. He knew the myths about these mysterious dungeons, the numerous myths told about the treasure and dangers hidden inside. Daniel had indeed crafted Eyes of Ender for such an occasion, but had thought he would never use the items.

And so he slowly cleared the dungeon over a few days, and surely enough, he found the portal room. Preparing for the tumultuous moment, the day he would see the end, Daniel prepared his items and opened the portal. But instead of a blackness signifying a portal to the end, the portal glowed a bright yellow, unlike anything Daniel had seen. Curious as to the adventure that awaited this strange portal, Daniel jumped in and was transported to his destiny, the land of Everlastia.

Keyblade: Spirit of The Tunnels

Daniel's keyblade, unlike most others held by recruits, was not found, but built. Since Daniel lives in a world where all things are crafted, the keyblade manifested itself at first as a thought, a blueprint for an effective diamond sword.

Unlike other swords from Daniel's realm, the Spirit of The Tunnels does not decay over time, but can be used infinitely. It's the material used, diamond, makes the blade very sharp, to the point where a good slice can break a rock. As a result, Daniel used the weapon as an all around tool at first, using it as a pick in the mines, an axe in the forests, and a shovel and hoe in the fields.

Other: The Nether, while a hellish dimension, is not in itself a part of the Darkness or tainted by it. Endermen are also like Heartless in certain aesthetic aspects, but are largely passive until disturbed and therefore have no relation to the Heartless. The End, the dimension from which all Endermen come, also has no relation to the Heartless or the Darkness. Therefore, Daniel isn't essentially corrupted by his use of elements obtained in these manners or from these places.


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