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Default Re: BW Question and Answer Thread

Originally Posted by AUfan View Post
Is it possible to have multiple dream world moves on one pokemon? For example, if I wanted a DW skarmory, could I have both Roost and Drill Peck or could I only have one move?
Unfortunately, in Skarmory's case, you will only be able to get one of the two moves. However a limited group pokémon can get their Dream World moves via breeding as well, so if you have a female variety of the dream world pokémon it is often possible to get the right moves on it. For example, Exeggcute's DW moves are Synthesis and Giga Drain, which are compatible. Most pokémon aren't lucky enough to be able to get all their dream world attack though.

EDIT: Now that Sturdy's been improved as an ability I'd take over Weak Armour anyway. Skarmory has plenty of speed boosting moves at its disposal. And you can get Drill Peck and Roost on Skarmory is you breed it on a 4th generation game (for Drill Peck) and use the 4th generation technical machine to teach it Roost. Weak Armour takes away from Skarmory's best stat...
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