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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [SU & DS]

Your guys' knowledge over armor is incredible o_0 *feels dumb cuz she had to look terms up xD*

But anyways... Winter, your charries are accepted! ^^ (W00t! Our first finished entries other than mine! :DDDDDD)

Chibi... I have no idea what you just said either, but I Rofled! xD Other than needing the Keyblade pic, Ana is good! :D It's nice to see her again--she was such an interesting character in Sabi's RP ^^

@NES2-- Hmm, that link isn't working for me currently, btw. Also... I think that all keyblades are "found", not built. Keychains that change the shape of the Keyblade can be built, but most often the Keyblade reflects the heart of its bearer ^^

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