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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [SU & DS]

Wow, I look away for two seconds and there's a bajillion posts xD But hey--conversation is awesome! :D

LoL! Wow, wish I had a library like that xD I'll just hafta VM you if I ever need to do some research, Chibi :P

And see? Video games are educational! xDDDDDD

Iolanthe is nearly accepted--I just need you to clarify something in the history (BTW, Iolanthe is a gorgeous name ^^)

Years would go by, with little progress made. The Master was growing tired, torn between his guilt and the lack of hope he had for Iolanthe. Half a decade was a long time to go without much improvement, and that, Wyn knew. Soon the Elders would start inquiring, which couldn’t end well. He still didn’t see much in his student, but feelings of fault forced him forward. Lucina, she could have been saved…

They couldn’t see it, Iolanthe herself had never really felt it, but there was an inner light to the girl. This part hadn’t seen corruption, the last remnant of who she should have been. One protective urge, the will to save the only person in living memory who’d ever given her a chance, was enough to provoke the weakened white. She leapt forward, drawing the power of Fading Nightshade for the first time, and took a swing. The large cinderblock exploded into thousands of harmless shades, showering Wyn as they fell. Luckily, Twilight Town was at rest, no witnesses to this bizarre event. The holiday from heck ended on a bright note…
The transition between these two kind of confused me :o

EDIT: WAIT A SECOND, Moonlight sent me a clarification--and now my slow brain gets it xD Very nicely done, the sign-up in general ^^ Accepted! :D

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