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Default Re: Challenger [Foxamivalth] vs Terminal Gym Leader [paperfairy]


Gengar (F)

HP: 40%
Energy: 80%
Condition: Feeling okay; Magic Coated
Moves: Pain Split/Substitute@2%~ Pain Split/Substitute@2%


Carracosta (M)

HP: 69%
Energy: 93%
Condition: Not feeling all that great; Infatuated; Cursed, Trapped (two rounds)
Moves: Stone Edge~Stone Edge

Gengar moved first, her light gaseous body allowing her to strike with ease. Remembering her orders, she began to close her eyes. A beam of green energy surrounded the ghost type, illuminating the black room. It flowed in a strangely devious way, then in a split second darted towards Carracosta. He had no time to react before it crashed into his body, still tethered to Gengar. She cackled evilly, and the beam began to drain energy from the turtle. He bellowed in pain as his power was sucked into the light, filling Gengar’s body as she shrieked with glee. Her grin extended farther than usual as she watched the contortion of her opponent’s face. When it finally subsided, he looked exhausted. However, the shadow pokemon looked ready to fight some more.
(-15% Health for Carracosta, +15% Health for Gengar, -9% Energy for Gengar)

Carracosta, despite the nefarious move that his opponent had just performed, was still madly in love with her. There was something about that grin…dayum! He put these thoughts aside, and began his own move. The turtle pokemon closed his eyes and clenched his fists, focusing intensely. Three rings of brilliant white light surrounded his body, revolving at an unbelievable speed. He opened his eyes, which were now glowing neon green. The rings stopped their revolving, and they were quickly replaced with huge rings of sharp stones, which circled him just as the rings had. His arms flailed as he summoned them into the air, controlling them with his mind. For a single second, his eyes glowed even brighter as the needle thin rocks flew into Gengar, who didn’t look too happy. She was barraged with these rocks, yelping in pain. They had caused serious pain, and she was not sure how much more of it she could take. Lying limply on the ground, she did not want to get up. At all.
(-32% Health, -15% Energy)

Gengar knew that her time was limited. She could only stall as she tried to recover, or risk hurting her teammates. Fortunately, paperfairy had realized this as well. Her move was a good one; it would prevent the attack coming from hitting. Her body was quite literally made for this, and she did it well. In a burst of light, another Gengar appeared, laughing in a strangely creepy way. It flexed its claws, testing its abilities. Carracosta was a bit scared; how could he defeat two of them? However, Gengar knew that her plan was a short one; the clone was a weak one, and would probably disappear as soon as it was hit. At that point, it was good enough for her; anything to avoid those deathly stones.
(-2% Health, -1% Energy, Sub@2%)

Still fairly scared by the two opponents, Carracosta knew he had to be fearless to finish this off. However, his feelings for Gengar were just too strong to hurt her. He sat on the ground and simply stared at her, loving the way he felt just looking at her. Little did he know that this was not true love; he was simply under a ghostly spell. Both of the Gengars laughed and high fived; all was going according to plan. Then, Gengar’s curse struck her enemy. It shoved a deathly nail in his mind, hurting him considerably. His whirlpool chose to return at that moment as well, beating him with powerful currents. Carracosta was NOT a happy camper.


Gengar (F)

HP: 21%
Energy: 70%
Condition: Feeling kind of bad and stuff; Magic Coated with Sub@2%


Carracosta (M)

HP: 23%
Energy: 78%
Condition: FML; Infatuated; Cursed, Trapped (one round)

Stone Edge- INF roll=22, ACC roll=51
Stone Edge- INF roll=94

Arena Notes
There is still some water on the floor.

Team Notes
Paperfairy has 3 mons remaining.
Foxamivalth has 3 mons remaining.
Fox, your moves please?

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!