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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

Chapter 16-Lesha

The Pokemon around me were giving me cheery smiles and doing kind things, like help me balance, as I was still stumbling, and saying compliments, calling me their savior from a loss too great to ever be repaired. I didn't need much to know that the Rockets were not fun people to be around other than this session of all hell breaking loose on a train.

But that was just one thing. I was starting to feel...Connected. To clarify, I felt connected to everything that was living. It really isn't describable, but I could feel what they were feeling...I closed my eyes, and my whole vision changed-most everything was black, with blue outlines covering the objects. Ghetsis and Issac radiated a dark green and a yellow-green kind of Aura, and many Pokemon were following this trend, different colors abound. Scyez, right behind me, had a particularly radiant Aura, seen only because her violet energy- emitting paw was on my right shoulder, as was another on the left shoulder, turning my head.

"Scyez, no hugging." I said sternly, and Scyez, about to administer an unwittingly fatal embrace (or at least an incapacitating one) let go of my shoulders. I looked at my own hand and saw a very dark indigo aura. As opening my eyes allowed me to see regularly, I didn't really know what was going on.

Scyez, somehow able to use telepathy in her evolved form, seemed to have a guess.

<"Ooh, I think you got that weird Aura-power...Thingy.>" said a still-puzzled Scyez, said complication coming from not knowing what to call it.

<"Aura manipulation?"> I telepathed.

<"Yhea, that's it. I don't think it really requires training, it's just looking at stuff with your eyes closed and making giant sphere's out of your own Aura...I think. Don't know for sure!"> Scyez responded, probably having known how to use the energy simply out of instinct rather than any training.

Another power to add to the list of ever-expanding ones. Sure, it was cool to control the universal energy signature, but at this point, I was getting more powers than I swear I'd ever need. I had learned of sphere-like moves, Gear using Aura to demonstrate-as in, an Aura Sphere attack. Certainly that could work for an use of Aura, but outside of an Aura Sphere, I had no other known use for this ability.

Putting it out of my mind, I roused Issac and Ghetsis, the duo muttering a small amount of such phrases like "huh?" and "what?" before remembering the events that transpired.

"Is the man in bronze gone? I knew we were in trouble if you got Iris mad at you, but whoever he was, he had to have had a good Pokemon, or something like that..." Ghetsis said. I was thankful he hid behind the crate the whole time, otherwise I'd have to find out how to make Ghetsis remember something else. I may have wanted to ask where he knew Iris from, but I declined. I didn't want to know how he knew it was bad to get Iris pissed off.

We walked, myself now returning to a normal pace without assistance. The train went on for several cars more, carnage apparent everywhere. Blood and guts were spewed out on the floor, a far more crude and cruel tactic to my stealthy kills. Gear wanted no terrorists alive, that was for sure.

And there again was I reminded of the single biggest backlash I'd be taking. I was a terrorist. I knew what my actions were, I had no defense, I was guilty on all accounts. But was I to stop and let a deceived man continue a helpless campaign that would never succeed no matter what tactical genius he managed to make? No. I must fight. Or else.

The party of three people and thirty to forty Pokemon made it to the train after six or seven cart's traversing, the whole party absorbing in the damage. It was clear that there were a lot of a**holes trying to protect this train from boarding, and one infiltrator killed almost all of them, the remaining Rocket kills belonging to either me or Issac. Even here, in the driver's seat, it was clear that Gear did significant damage as far as bodily parts were concerned. Thankfully, the controls were completely intact. Obviously, Gear didn't want a runaway train on his hands.

Ghetsis, shoving the near-destroyed corpse of the original driver out of his seat, seemed to know how to control the train.

"You know where we're headed?" I asked.

"They said it would take them to the Black Market in Driftveil. The Gym Leader's trying to step up security, but there's still a massive trade for the illegal going on." said Ghetsis, pulling out a cell phone. "I'll contact to pick me up there. By the way...Do you need cash?" Ghetsis asked.

"Ehh...No." I said. I knew that the cash was most likely a foreign currency to Zav, and I was just getting associated with Zav as it is.

"So who are you?" Ghetsis asked, probably picking up on a weakness.

"Just keep things in control here, OK? I'm doubtful that we'll ever meet again, and if we do, I'll tell you this: Gear's cheery face has a habit of showing up when you least expect it. And he's destructive. Very. And he hates me. A lot." I said, making sure to emphasize the importance of everything bad about Gear's appearances.

Ghetsis gave up then. Gear knocked him out with little effort, even if Ghetsis didn't realize what hit him. I could easily see Ghetsis getting pummeled to death in seconds by Gear. Even sooner, if Gear actually used Pokemon to assist him, and if you're military-trained, you've got killer Pokemon to go with it-and that's in both the figurative and literal sense of the word 'Killer.'

As if the world's worst person to have against you is bad enough...Yes, I know it's ironic.

Meanwhile, I got warm gestures and nice faces from every Pokemon, moving a cart backward...Looking at them was enough to trigger instant-long clips about everything that Pokemon ever did, through it's eyes. The Togepi missing two head spikes, blood soaking where they were, happened to have the odd name of Film, and she happened to be a total angel. Why her parents named her Film I'll never know. The healing beam I produced before came back again, allowing Film to recover her head-spikes, growing back as if by magic. She was too young to speak coherently, but her eyes sparkled with delight.

The Metang? He could only pronounce "Meta" to human ears, so that's what he was called. Meta had been brutally hunted down by the Rockets almost since birth, and knowing nothing but their brutality, he quickly evolved into a Metang and killed all but one, who cleverly slid Meta into a cage, and had been on the rails for a month.

I wouldn't even bother with the other Pokemon, as the simple pleasure of being crowded by them drowned out the actual focus behind them. I felt at peace, in a rare moment.

<"Avalon, are you even there?!"> yelled a voice belonging to Mario. I almost forgot that he had no idea where I was right now.

<"Another attack from the Onlisk Republic narrowly warded off aside, I'm fine. I'm in a train probably inbound to Driftveil, probably somewhere associated with it's Black Market. I'm expecting local terrorist groups to intervene after finding a train me and Gear both wind up boarding having all of their members dead."> I telepathed, annoyed by the serenity broken by Mario's worry.

<"Thank you! I was panicking that you weren't alive. Wait, Gear boarded? You're ALIVE?! Twice now, you cheat death, and you cheat it good!"> Mario telepathically screamed, pleased by the fact that he made the right choice in bringing a twelve-year old along for the ride.

<"It get's better. We found and freed a hostage. His name's Ghetsis, and I don't agree with his wardrobe, but I do agree that he's alive, and doesn't have a clue about what a Volteer is, like I introduced the concept to him. That aside, Issac's alive, we've got a whole cache of weapons in the train, and I managed to get thirty or so Pokemon to really like me. I was getting mellow with them when you came around."> I said, still a little bummed I didn't get into my good mood with my cute animal friends. Even the Tyranitar had a nice smile and was being quite calm and serene.

<"Will you ever cease to amaze everyone? Even Gear has to admit you're special beyond even him. And that's a lot of praise, right there, Gear's the d**m legendary Cogix, for crying out loud!"> Mario said. <"I'll pick you up in Driftveil, I've been there before, I know a perfect spot!"> Mario added.

Even if that was the same term I used when describing his personality on paper all those months ago, I didn't care about it. In fact, I started avoiding the topic of my home in my mind...Actually, I didn't even consider missing home at this point. A bunch of Pokemon managed to generate the feeling of being home only home does, on a train in an alternate dimension.

<"Hi, Avalon. I heard you've got a fellow named Ghetsis in your company, correct?"> Karazin telepathed. I didn't know-or really care-that Karazin was telepathic. Telepathy was a very basic skill. Very, very basic. Just a little Psychic energy and you could use your brain like a phone. Without paying for minutes. That's fantastic.

<"Yhea. Pretty sure he's a con artist, and he runs quite the business of lying."> I telepathed. Unlike Mario, Karazin had a knack of letting mellow moments keep on going.

<"I don't have the best news about that. Good news: he's not a con artist. He's the leader of a fledging, Unova-local criminal organization called Team Plasma. They're really based of the Knights Templar, but fortunately, they don't have to speak with a middle-aged dictionary being their source of words, and their face goal is to save Pokemon. Bad news: they're thieves of Pokemon just as much as Team Rocket is. I advise keeping eyes as sharp as blades on Ghetsis’s position at all times. Also, Ghetsis is almost impossibly good at bending people to his will to accomplish anything. So watch your back.">

Karazin managed to deliver it in such a way that even if I was now considerably more worried about Ghetsis than I was prior, I was still comfortably-and almost insanely-chilled out.

I spied her, out of the corner of my eye, afraid to approach the group. She called me some very vulgar names, and was paying for it with a seeming exclusion from the group. I made a gesture, and noticing it, she moved in casually, taking steps that said flat-out that not only did she feel the gazes of the other Pokemon quite hateful, but also cared for them only because she thought her new master thought likewise.

"Well, you've got yourself a nice little group of fans, eh?" Lesha said with a tone resembling some mocking. "They saved your life, you know?" she added. There was something simply nagging about Lesha's voice that said that the Pokemon ought to be the nicely-treated ones, for some reason.

"Issues with humanity?" I asked, equally nagging at a feeling I knew she had.

She got enough of a look to get everyone to back up, even if just a little, as Lesha seemed to reinforce her bada** image simply with the fury in her eyes.

"You know full-well how downright dumb they get! They're idiots, they can let anything go unpunished with a bribe, they'll start a war over anything, they can make themselves go extinct, Team Rocket itself is a reason, need I go on further?!" Said a highly furious Lesha. "They're ba****ds, point in case!"

At this point, some Pokemon gave Lesha odd looks. Looking into their minds allowed me to see that somehow they knew that Lesha was speaking in english.

"Yhea. And like evaporating humans from the planet would solve anything. In fact, I'd guarantee that'd only make everybody else more prone to fighting without something that stupid, and I just see humanity as misguided most of the time. At times, they are downright idiots, but mostly, they're misguided." I responded, trying to sound well-educated. "And, prior to discovering that I somehow wound up with two souls in my body instead of one, I was one hundred percent human."

Lesha had probably never met somebody like me. She knew from my half-Latries form that I wasn't human, and with Issac and Ghetsis gone, she somehow thought it safe to rant about the race. She also had the slightest reflex that corresponded to finding a seemingly impassible obstacle suddenly pop out of nowhere.

"And being racist is dumb." I added, if only to further irritate Lesha. Lesha further got that almost invisible twitch to tell her annoyance of being blockaded with thin air she couldn't pass. She also looked stupid for bringing it up. She just decided to mumble a few words I don't exactly remember ("ahh, you big...Dumb***..." or something like that), before tiring herself out and falling asleep cutely on my stomach.

Having a Pikachu around one's person, doing the cutest things one could imagine, despite almost anything that gets in the way of that image, is a Pokemaniac's dream come true. Pokemon are adorable, and Pikachu are adorable Pokemon. That's adorable enough to make Pikachu the cutest thing I ever saw alive. Lesha was even cuter than your average ubercute Pikachu, to the point that she is, in my opinion, the single most cutest thing you'd ever see in your life; If Lesha puts on a cute face accompanied by a cute voice, nobody but me or a few other lucky folk have ever given in. In stark contrast, Lesha herself is known for being too stubborn to allow for anything to get in the way of her task, and if she is cut off from all sides to her goal that's right behind her obstructions, she'd just plow right through it.

I remained in my mellow state for a few hours longer, and they felt heavenly...Dreamlike, almost. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was sleeping.


The train suddenly lurched, after several hours of simply being lazy with my friends...I remembered the important reason why I had stayed on the train at all: Get to Driftveil and get to the Calypso, Pokemon in tow, before the Onlisk find the Calypso.

Oh, yhea. I should say now that the Calypso was hiding in the Entralink, the only point in all of Povinal where any kind of device meant to alert enemies fails-whether it's tracking from within it's confines or outside it's boundaries, trying to find something within. The Calypso was under the island, which apparently is tethered to nothing. The Entralink's spatial distortion is the only known thing to hold the island in place, and as the lake was deep enough to fit the Calypso it was too good of a hiding spot to pass up. Mario told me that interesting tidbit later.

"We're at Driftveil. We've arrived during the night, so the guard's out. Don't be seen until we reach my company." Ghetsis said, waking up the remaining Pokemon that were half-asleep that weren't waken by the train. I got up, Lesha having already departed from my belly, and located an exit from the train.

Outside, the night was crisp and black, clouds covering the stars and rain falling ever so lightly. Containers were stacked everywhere I could see, as if that was very far considering the black state of affairs. Aura sight helped, as the containers were outlined in blue.

Also, radiating their own auras...Guards. Armed with flashlights, pistols and sometimes shotguns, along with a Chatot perched on their shoulders, these guards were obviously prepared to take down any foe. Except a Volteer who happens to control metal-like the many metal crates stacked around.

One person, with an Aura colored like dirt, had me intrigued. Wearing clothes that screamed 'Western' and himself looking highly stubborn, this man had a Pokemon resembling a mole nearby him, and armed with a Shotgun and also accompanied by a Chatot, I sensed a immediate feeling that I didn't want to be caught by him.

But wouldn't you know it? I never did have to traverse that crate-laden obstacle course.

"Psst! Over here!" Said somebody. I turned my head, opening my eyes, and found out how right Karazin was.

Albeit he wasn't covered in armor, good grief, the fabric clearly said the word "Templar" all over it, with a light blue and black pattern, the only thing defying that being a small emblem on the torso of the uniform. The man in front of me happened to have orange hair, and he was holding a flashlight. Next to him, a Watchog stood guard, and just like the Pokemon toy I owned, it's eyes were creepy.

"Well, don't just stand there! I've got a ride that'll take us to the castle!" He said. That alone was enough to make me shoot a skeptical look.

"I'll explain. Our base is located at a underground citadel at the northernmost bound of Unova. I should explain further. I, Ghetsis-"

As if on cue, Lesha sneezed powerfully, and turning around, closing eyes to use the Aura sight, I saw that every guard somehow got alerted to our presence simply by that sneeze.

"Excuse me." Lesha whispered. That did nothing to help out now.
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