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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

Seq was a man of science, and as such, was apt at telling many things about Pokemon. He had studied for years the different Pokemon, the vast size differences, classes of moves, individuality of potential. It was odd really, what the man could tell in a split second glance. Perhaps most scientists were underrated in that sense. They may be stereotyped, but they certainly didn’t go without having talents in different areas.

He looked down at the Hyperball, upset he’d have to use it, rather than a regular ball, but it was all he had and it would have to do. It hit the Roserade’s leg, pulling it into the enclosure and shaking violently before settling.

"Congrats, you caught this Pokemon. We you're ready, we can move on,” the Ranger said, holding out the newly captured Roserade.

Seq grinned. “Wonderful. Shall we continue on? I'm quite enjoying my time in the Park."
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