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Default Re: Will there be another Victini event when Gray comes out?

Originally Posted by Crackerjack View Post
I hate dial-up internet so much. Also, I remember something about some Psyduck event a while back on the GTS where everyone was getting hacked counterfeits. I don't know why Psyduck, but my head's telling me it was a D/P shiny Psyduck. That's why I hate Wi-Fi events unless it is a downloadable item. I hope they make a shiny Victini event! I don't understand why they made Zekrom, Reshiram, and Victini 0% shiny. Knowing me, I would have soft reset for days without knowing that was programmed! I hunt for and collect shinies. There are forms or the three in legendary form, just not obtainable without cheats, which is kind of asking for it. If I were Game Freak, I would have made the shiny forms exactly the same as the originals if a 0% chance was intended of their access. Unless, of course, there was a future event to get them in shiny form. Why did they lock those to the game, anyway?
They had a 0% Shiny rate? I had no idea. That makes complete sense, now, though. My friend was trying to catch a shiny Victini using Action Replay back during the event, and it would always lock up when she went into the battle.

Edit: Thinking after I posted this...they may do a Victini event around the time the movies come to the US. That would make more sense than waiting for if/when a third game is released.

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