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Default Re: Challenger [Foxamivalth] vs Terminal Gym Leader [paperfairy]

And here I am, way past "after school"


Gengar (F)

HP: 21%
Energy: 70%
Condition: Feeling kind of bad and stuff; Magic Coated with Sub@2%
Moves: Disable~Rest


Carracosta (M)

HP: 23%
Energy: 78%
Condition: FML; Infatuated; Cursed, Trapped (one round)
Moves: Water Gun~Stone Edge

As usual, Gengar’s lithe body allowed her to travel first, a truly heinous plan forming in her brain. She closed her eyes and put her claw-like palms together, her usual grin disappearing. Channeling her ghostly energies, a barrage of blue rings came from her body, circling Carracosta as he stood confused. She shrieked evilly, then the rings entered the turtle. He had no idea what was going on; they did not seem to hurt. Nervously touching his face, Carracosta finally realized that really nothing had happened. He sighed, obviously relieved. The grin of his opponent had made it seem a lot worse than it actually was; well, she was always grinning. He grunted, not knowing what to do.
(Carracosta cannot use Stone Edge, -8% Energy)
Carracosta was simply happy to still be alive. He shrugged at his trainer’s meager orders, then began his move. His powerful lungs contracted as he absorbed water from his body, gathering it in his stomach. A quiet hack was followed by a huge blast of water, which seemed to shine in the black room. Gengar had no time to react before the torrent hit her torso, blowing her back into the black wall. Her red eyes seemed to water, but she shook it off and began to float, ready to get some revenge on this…thing. She knew that she was going to leave soon, but wanted to make her time remaining count. However, he didn’t realize that he had really hit the substitute; the entire thing was a sham.
(-11% Health, -5% Energy)
Gengar had the perfect plan. She would sustain her time in her home for a minor price; simply sleep for a while. To her foe’s astonishment, she sat on the ground and closed her eyes, beginning to snore loudly. She counted Mareep as she willed her tired body to sleep, relaxing her strained muscles. Carracosta stared in horror, but not for why you would think. “SNORING!?!?!?!? What a turnoff. And I thought she was pretty cute toooooo.” He thought, watching the sleeping ghost as she sat, looking lifeless. “Wait, since when did ghosts need to sleep anyways?” perplexing over these problems, Carracosta was very confused when the next turn came.
(+20% Health, -8% Energy)
Carracosta tried to perform his move, but when he did so the rings returned. They created a barrier around him, refusing to move. He pounded at them, but they wouldn’t budge. Determined to end this, he prepared his move anyways, letting the needle thin rocks attack the barrier. However, it was created especially for this; it would literally let anything but the rocks pass. Carracosta sat down, totally bummed. However, his torture was not over. The curse then struck, knocking him down for the count. Foxamivalth swore, then returned his tired Pokemon back to the ball, determined to pay for the death.
(-16% Energy, -25% Health)


Gengar (F)

HP: 41%
Energy: 54%
Condition: Better!; Magic Coated and Asleep.


Carracosta (M)

HP: 0%
Energy: 57%
Condition: Dead. :P

Water Gun- INF Roll 11, ACC roll 58

Team Notes
Paperfairy has 3 Pokemon remaining.
Foxamivalth has 2 Pokemon remaining.

Arena Notes
There is even more water on the floor.

Fox mon, then fairy moves then fox moves..

Thanks Pokemon Trainer Sarah!

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