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(OOC: Just in case 6,500 – 500 = 6,000)


Luckily, the Lotad didn't want to battle, and it let them go on their way. James led them up a hill on the path, and when they got to the top, it revealed a very large lake complete with a shed and many docks. Elena took a few moments to take it all in, thinking the sight was amazing. The road looked like it split too. One way went lower, around the lake, and the other led higher up still. She could hear rushing water, so maybe there was a waterfall or something over there.

Then, the Ranger was distracted by a noise, and when he turned to look, Elena did too. A Squirtle was walking toward them, a smaller turtle-like Pokémon that walked on two legs. It didn't look too friendly, maybe upset that they had intruded on its space.

“Do you want to try and battle that Squirtle?” he asked, and she shook her head.

“No, thank you. Let's try to get around him, and if not, I'll gladly get a doll to use instead. After that, can we go that way?” She pointed down the path that led around the lake. She definitely wanted to see more of this large body of water. “Oh, and before I forget.”

Elena rummaged through her inner vest pocket as she looked for the device there. Since she didn't often carry a bag, she had to have many pockets for all her gear. The Poképlayer was a bit bigger than some of her other stuff, so it only fit in one of the inner slots that was about the length of her torso. She looked at the Ranger sternly as she pulled a disk out. “Okay, no laughing, and I mean it. I'm looking for this Pokémon for a friend since she doesn't travel much.”

She pulled out her Stunfisk disk and put it in, hitting the play button. Immediately she flinched as the sound came out. She was exactly sure what it was like, but it wasn't anything pleasant. It figured that one of the most derpy Pokémon alive was one of them that Glenne couldn't get by herself.


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
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