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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [SU & DS]

Name: Kian Locke

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Alignment: Light

Rank: Ex-Apprentice

Appearance: Standing at around a meter and a half tall, Kian has dark grey hair which spikes backwards, giving the appearance that the wind has had enough strength to force his hair back. His eyes are a pale blue, resembling that of an ocean on a foggy morning. He wears a grey jacket over a purple shirt, the hood of the coat-like overwear usually up over his head when he wishes not to be noticed. He wears trousers cut off three-quarters in, black lined with purple tribal-like markings, as are his boots.

Personality: Kian is a quiet boy, tending to keep to his-self and his magical studies. Only when longing for social interaction will he be bold enough to try and speak to others, yet he fails to as his confidence does not give him that extra boost. When he is being sociable, however, he tends to be nervous around girls, due to the fact that he is worried about offending the opposite sex.

Kians weakness is the lack of friendship - giving him no drive to fight on some occasions, meaning that he is in danger of falling in battle. Friendship would push Kian into protecting those he loves, yet, at this time, he would still protect those he doesn't know - without the strength friendship would give him.

History: In a world where Magic dominated all, Kian was born into a a mighty family filled with mages. Over the time he grew up within that world, Kian was soon able to surpass all, his abilities more powerful than the King of their realm. This enraged the King, knowing that his time on the throne was soon coming to an end, and he was about to call for the death of the young boy, who was only 12 at the time. However, before the order could have been given, Heartless had rained down from the sky, slaughtering all they came into contact with, the King included.

After witnessing the brutal murder of his parents, Kian ran towards the Aura Plains, large fields in which magic seeped out into the atmosphere. That was when he was surrounded by a horde of Heartless, the beasts ready to pounce and steal a young heart. Before they could attack, a Keyblade Warrior had appeared from no where and had cut them down, Kian saved from death.

Explaining that the young boy was amazingly gifted in magic, the Keyblade Warrior, named Kaan, persuaded Kian to accompany him back to the Keyblade Guild, the boy too shocked and fearful to turn him down. Upon finding his way within the Guild itself, Kian was swiftly accepted into their ranks, the Elders pairing him with Kaan who, too, was a gifted Mage who had much to teach the young child.

Over the years spent under Master Kaan's teachings, Kian had learnt that his teacher was a wielder of the dark magic, a forbidden taboo within the Guild. Many times had Kaan attempted to teach Kian the dark ways, and many times Kian had refused, only accepting to learn small parts of dark magic out of curiosity. Finally, Kaan had been found out by the Elders, and he was banished from the Guild and branded an "outcast". From then on, Kian was never given a new master, the Elders worried that he may be influenced by another dark wielder, as well as possibly influencing others - this hurt Kian deeply.

Keyblade: Not mine, credit goes to artist

Other: I shall post up any other extra details when that "thing" happens (Charmander009 knows what I mean :P)

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