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Default Re: Lord Fedora vs. Saraibre Ryu

Lord Fedora

[Athena] Swablu (F)
Ability: Natural Cure
Health: 88%
Energy: 67%
Status: Confused. [SPD +3, DEF +3, Sub@1%, ATK-2]
Safeguard ~ Air Cutter/Substitute @10%

Saraibre Ryu

[Asharas] Charmeleon (F)
Ability: Blaze
Health: 94%
Energy: 80%
Status: I b trollin, that's how im rollin. [ATK +3, ACC +2, DEF +1, +1 SPD]
Double Team ~ AncientPower

Round Four

Athena flapped her cottony wings ever so slightly, preferring to allow the cherry-petal-infested breeze carry her higher like some scene from some generic anime. She began to swirl, her wingtips glittering with green, sparkling energy. Rings of this energy began to form, making white wings glow green. Athena stopped twirling suddenly, and once she stopped, the rings vanished like mist in the morning. They would be invisible, Asharas knew, until time took its course or unless Asharas used a move suited specifically to hinder the Swablu... As if she needed to.
[Safeguard: Athena, -8% Energy]

Asharas stretched her legs quickly, then began to run erratically, almost maniacally, all around the dojo. As Athena watched with mixed confusion and apprehension, Asharas suddenly seemed to split into four separate Charmeleons. Athena blinked; surely it was an optical illusion of some sort. But when Asharas skidded to a halt, there were definitely four of her. Athena stifled a groan. Now she had four of these lizards to contend with - picking her target would be a pain in the tailfeathers.
[Double Team: Asharas, -9% Energy]

Athena narrowed her eyes determinedly at one of the Ashar... ases? Asharae? Asharae? Pushing the debacle to the back of her mind, she began to flap her wings. A strong wind current began to form, spiraling between the downy appendages and gathering several stray petals like a hobo with an open can of tuna attracting random stray cats, except possibly not as random. Athena, with a final flap, sent the wind gusting at Asharas. The wind, just visible as a bunch of white streaks, seemed jagged at the edges. It slashed right through one of Asharas's clones, making it disintegrate without a sound.
[Air Cutter: Athena, -15% Energy]

Asharas smiled. The clones were working perfectly. She stomped on the ground, making several rocks fly up. She caught them with a glowing purple energy, then tossed them all in a clump at Athena. The cotton Swablu replica, however, had some words to say about that. It flapped its wings, flying up to protect Athena and take the hit. The rocks connected with the clone; the stones fell to the ground and the substitute vanished in a puff of cotton.
[Ancientpower: Asharas, -18% Energy]

Lord Fedora

[Athena] Swablu (F)
Ability: Natural Cure
Health: 88%
Energy: 44%
Status: Tired and slightly agitated. [SPD +3, DEF +3, ATK -2, Safeguard for three more actions.]

Saraibre Ryu

[Asharas] Charmeleon (F)
Ability: Blaze
Health: 94%
Energy: 53%
Status: Pretty satisfied. [ATK +3, ACC +2, DEF +1, SPD +1, two Clones]

Ref Notes

Air Cutter's Accuracy Roll was 12; 1-95 for hit.
Air Cutter's Clone Roll was 2; 1 for hit on Asharas.
Ancientpower's Effect Roll was 49; 1-10 for effect.
Asharases? Asharae? Asharai? Seriously, what?

Saraibre Ryu, your moves please.
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