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Default Re: Gmandiddy vs. Mangetic Zero

Round 3


Misdreavus (F)
HP: 39
Energy: 65
Ability: Levitate
Moves: Rest ~ Snore
Status: -1 DEF


[Master Snap] Sandile (F)
HP: 59
Energy: 47
Ability: Moxie
Moves: Crunch ~ Crunch
Status: -1 SPD

Misdreavus was weak, and getting weaker by the second. She went on the defensive, hoping to make up some lost HP. She closed her eyes and begin to decend onto the sandy beach, quickly drifting into a heavy sleep. Her wounds began to slowly heal as she fell deeper into her slumber.

Sandile however, had no intentions of going on the defensive, and rather, began to run towards Misdreavus at a manic pace. Once again, its fangs were laced with a dark energy and it jumped, sinking its claws into the sleeping Misdreavus. The sleeping ghost did not react much to the strike, and Sandile quickly withdrew, resting from its vicious strike.

Misdreavus, while not awake, was still subconciously operating. Following its Trainer's commands, Misdreavus' snoring quickly grew louder and louder, reaching ear splitting levels. Both trainers covered their ears as the sound waves damaged Sandile - who, due to its body strcutre, could not cover its ears to block the sound.

Once the sonic snore had died down, Sandile decided to finally put an end to the annoying Ghost-type Pokémon. It charged up for yet another Crunch, and pounced on Misdreavus with its sharp jaws. Misdreavus quickly woke up and cried out before fainting yet again - this time, for good.

Round Over


Misdreavus (F)
Status: KO


[Master Snap] Sandile (F)
HP: 52
Energy: 25
Ability: Moxie
Status: -1 SPD, +1 ATK

Arena Notes:
Rolled from 1 to 4. Result was 2. It did not rain.

Referee Notes:
Misdreavus's Rest:
Misdreavus: -8 Energy

Sandile's Crunch:
Misdreavus: -19 HP, - 1 DEF
Sandile: -11 Energy
Effect: Rolled from 1 to 5. Result was 1.

Misdreavus's Snore:
Misdreavus: -6 Energy
Sandile: -7 HP

Sandile's Crunch:
Misdreavus: -28 HP
Sandile: -11 Energy, +1 ATK (Moxie)

~ Mangetic_Zero, your final Pokémon and action command, please.
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