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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

"I'm an advocate for Pokemon, and all, but please tell your Pikachu to try and hold those back!" The Team Plasma member quietly said, slipping through the shadows.

I couldn't really argue. The guards had moved position, and although they didn't have a true grasp as to our position, they were heading in our general direction. As an added bonus, our only way out was either restarting the train-which would take too long-or to dive into the possible safety of a cold storage facility.

Issac, in the front, chose the latter. Diving into the place, and signaling an "All clear" with a thumbs up, we dashed inside, and braced ourselves for chilling cold.

And as the night was dark, the facility was chilly. Frozen on some parts of the floor, the place was bright and shiny thanks to these reflective surfaces and light to bound from it, and thankfully the few guards in this building failed to see us. For now. Eventually some more guards were going to come in. However, they seemed to have no means of communication outside of those Chatot, thank goodness.

"Is there a second exit to this place?" I asked, hushing myself up.

"I came in using a hatch door...But, seriously? You've got quite a lot of Pokemon with you. They better stay there, until it's all safe."

Couldn't argue there either.

"Issac, stay here. Anything funky happens...Try to keep them alive." I said, running off already. Issac couldn't ask why, I was already doing it before he could say anything. Lesha and Scyez, who tagged along, had their own takes on the situation.

"This is bull****!" Lesha said, almost too loudly.

"This is kinda fun!" Scyez said, more cautious about being quiet.

"This is going to kill me, that's what it is!" I muttered, silencing the both of them.

I came upon a single guard on patrol, his chatot perched on his shoulder gazing in the opposite direction of where we were, and he himself in another direction. A icy sheet was the only obstacle, and the trio that was me, Lesha and Scyez crossed it silently, Lesha being taken up on my shoulder before she could even touch the ice ("F***ing Ba****d!").

Then, I decided to try something new. The picture of me barely avoiding certain death from Gear flashed through my mind, incentive enough to try to evade the fate twice, simply by trying whatever came into mind, a wild attempt at training. I probably shouldnít have taken the incentive right on the spot.

<"...Ehh...Go to sleep!"> I said, expecting either the guard and his Chatot to snooze, or nothing.

The former happened, to my surprise and pleasure. Suddenly feeling the need to faint, the man started his face-first decent towards the ground, caught only by me before an audible 'thud' came to the ears of others.

Then nine audible 'thuds' came from everywhere else. I looked around, and found myself looking at people, small Pokemon, and Chatot, all having decided to suddenly take a nap. Wow, that was too easy. I was only more invigorated to try stuff I never knew I could doÖEven if I didnít know what it would do or how Iíd do it. But later. On the Calypso.

I quickly made the minimal trek back to Issac and Ghetsis, with an 'all clear' thumbs up noted before Issac decided opening fire was a necessity. They quickly came, impressed and confused as to how I managed to make every one sleep that quickly.

"What do you own, anyway? Darkrai?!"
Ghetsis asked, looking at one of the Chatot. "It's easy to see how one could make a guard fall unconscious, but they're all unscathed, and I've...never seen a Chatot stay asleep for longÖIíd hurry..."

The grunt was now in the lead, and it was now that he pointed to a large door. It was wide open, and the darkness from outside was pitch-black in comparison to the bright facility. I was certain that there would be an ambush, but Aura-sight proved that there wasn't a living being anywhere aside from our massive party, the high alert being tuned down to a low alert.

A vision suddenly came through my mind-Iíll say this now, a lot of visions do. This time, I was exactly where I was before, only a mole-like Pokemon suddenly shot out of the ground, like a drill.

Then it flashed to the exact same thing, only Issac and I had guns pointed at it, and we shot, me first, then Issac. The mole-like Pokemon-and the being clinging onto itís legs-fell down, both alive, the former barely.

I was now done with the vision, and now I used the Aura-sight on the ground. One person-just one-had the nerve to use the mole-like Pokemon from the visions to catch us off-guard. None of the other guards were nearby. The real issue? He was coming fast. I pulled out the Bellartix, aiming where I thought he'd pop up, and beckoning my associates to back up, Issac aiming where I was.

My fire was followed seconds later by Issac's, as the mole Pokemon flung itself straight out of the ground, corkscrewing and roaring in pain-it had been hit, and both bullets pierced itís skin. It was lucky to survive the intense blow it had been dealt. The man using it's feet for a grip-the dirt-Aura man-had let go, looking shocked by our knowledge of where he'd pop up. And the fact that we disabled his only real source of protection, aside from his shotgun. His Chatot began screeching, calling the guards to itís location, and they were there in a snap, not expecting the surprise we had in store. There weren't enough guards to contend with the Fourty Pokemon we had.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one person that looked awfully familiar. Sure, the dirt-aura man was wearing brown, and he was one big dude, but he wasn't Gear Pesse. However, this girl was trying to hide. A blue bead on her massive hairdo, however, gave her away better than she realized.

"Hi, Iris, girl who tried to kill me!" I said, proudly announcing that she was there, gun pointing at her position.

"What the-Clay, how'd he know I was there?!" Iris yelled, moving out, hands up.

"Girl, I told you not to come, but I didn't give ya away." Clay said, still facing me and the barrel of my gun.

As if to add to the fact that Clay and Iris were totally outmatched, more Team Plasma members, armed and ready, suddenly appeared out of every nook and cranny I saw, various Pokemon that I had never seen in my life before ready to unleash a violent fury of attacks with them.

Iris and clay were both incredibly pissed off at our successful attempt to corner them, and incredibly shocked at our almost psychic perception-and keep in mind, I wasnít really seeing the mass of Plasma members converging around the guards in advance either.

"As you can see, you're obviously outmatched. As if the many Pokemon that face you from the front in a single file aren't enough to prove it, the strategically placed members of Team Plasma and their Pokemon, facing you at every angle, are certainly so. You've only got so many men and so far, and we've yet to shed a drop of blood that wasn't belonging to a member of Team Rocket, whoís train back there it belongs to." Ghetsis said. "I'm not sure if it's you who managed to kill the majority of them, for whoever it was is somewhere else, still alive, but either way, simply looking at the uniforms should tell you that the only thing we've done is good." He added.

Clay's mind was obviously making a hard decision, even if it was the only one he had.

"Yall' won this without a fight. Go on, git!" He said, making a gesture for some people to stand aside. Iris looked dumbfounded by the turn of events. She had lost, ultimately. Clay still was totally pissed off, but Iris wasnít prepared for the shock that Clay was.

We proceeded past them in silence, the Pokemon still following us obediently. I could see Iris being shocked at how I somehow managed to make a posse of Pokemon that large obey me willingly, another blow to her morale. Hopefully, it at least depressed her enough to not pursue us.

We turned around a bunch of crates, and-

Boom! A shockwave emitted from nowhere, thankfully not making the crates move the slightest bit, but knocked out everybody but me, Issac, and the lone Plasma Grunt who had been with us since we left the train.

Then Iris jumped down in front of us, specifically me. There wasn't any room between me and Iris that I could utilize-the unconscious pile of Pokemon were enough to deter movement backwards, and Issac and the grunt were behind us. Iris blocked the only way forward, miserably for us.

Poor Iris. She had set up a trap so good, that it seemed flawless. Poor, pitiful Iris, who had never thought I could overcome her in her own strong suite.

Almost instantaneous with her appearance, she lit her hands and feet on fire with the Arbit-Burn, attempting to strike me before most anything could realize it. That didn't stop my own hand from grabbing Iris herself, stopping her strike just inches from my chest, even letting the black energy touch my skin in a harmless manner. Iris had either forgotten how good my Arbit-based energies were, or she simply didn't think that I was Arbit-proofed. She looked around-no space, just a lot of hard places. I grinned. I had the advantage.

I didn't need anything other than my arm. I wildly threw Iris all around like a six-year old that had gotten a hold of a ragdoll in a temper-tantrum. She was obviously unprepared for me, and this was from the youngest user of Knight's Assent, not to mention one of the better users, one that had more practice that I ever had. The small thought of her having more time to train was thought more to train further. To confirm the fact that Iris is younger than me (and henceforth the youngest user of Knight's Assent), Iris was born in November, and I was born in July.

As soon as I felt her hand leave mine via the orange flash that signified that she had enough life-threatening c**p beaten into her body to call it a day. I laughed-comparing that to Gear and Storm, and even Tornaldus and Thundurus, that was incredibly easy. Iris may have not been told about my judo skill prior to this encounter, a simple reason behind all of this.

Then I remembered how everybody but me, the grunt and Issac were the only ones conscious after that attack. Me and Issac were Volteers...And Iris was completely aware about there being a unknown person in her midst, seemingly nothing more than your average Plasma Grunt, yet she started an Arbit-Burn on her hands, and even in pitch-black darkness, the purple and black energy seemed quite unaffected by the property of light, or the lack of it.

I gave the fellow a look. It wasn't something bad, just curious.

"Hey, I can't be flaunting Volteerisim in broad daylight, right?" Said the grunt.

Well, it wasn't an issue. And this grunt had a knack of making statements I couldn't argue. "Come on, let's wake our guys up and explain how this happened..." I said, winking.


Trying the same tactic that put the ten guards to sleep in the cold storage managed to wake up Ghetsis, the unconsious Plasma grunts, and the group of Pokemon I had with me (only this time with "Wake up!" over "Go to sleep!"). We hastened our retreat once everybody remembered what they were doing there, for no doubt once Clay and his subordinates woke would they believe that we were the cause of it, not an absent Iris. They probably would question why they were unconsious too, but I already had an excuse.

The Volteer grunt at last pointed out the small company of cars and a truck, all without a pattern to them, a easy way to disguise ourselves.

<"Mario, I think I'm doing some more traveling, and I know we don't have forever, but I don't know where I'm going next. I know it's underground, and I know it's far north, but where exactly I don't know."> I telepathed to Mario, remembering that we were heading to Plasma's headquarters. I had to let him know.

<"OK...I don't have forever, alright! Don't take detours unless it's nessicary, beline it if you can, I'll be waiting at Anville town, and I'll take you to the Calypso from there, but I can't wait much longer!"> Mario said. <"Find me first, and find me before tomorrow night, the Calypso won't be around in Anville town, and if you're not fast, it won't be in Povinal!"> he added, thinking a little ahead. <"We've already got the auto-pilot ready for our next destination!">

<"Good to know."> I said.

I didn't know where Anville town is, nor did I know if I could make it in time. I just had to make it in time, and if I could, I'd take the Plasma grunt who had Volteerisim with me.

"If I may, I'd like to put the Pokemon in the truck's back." Ghetsis said. "It's merely a matter that we don't have PokeBalls with us to transport them by other means, and that's the only accommodation I have for so many." he added.

"I understand...But I ride with them." I said, seriously.


"Nothing wrong with it. If that truck can hold thirty or so Pokemon, why can't it hold one person in it too? I know you're motives, and even then, I'm not letting the means do me any disservices. I don't own these Pokemon, and until today I've never met them, but I'd rather they go into the hands of people I trust. And even if we're on the same side for now, I still don't trust you enough." I said.

Ghetsis looked like he got caught between a rock and a hard place, and ultimately he had to push the rock.

"So be it, but I'd find the accommodations of a luxury car of the newest model to be far better than a truck." Ghetsis commented, a little bit of danger within his tone. I ignored it-if it all went to hell, then I'd simply take Ghetsis with me-preferably unconscious. With their leader in such a state and under hostage, I'd be able to do whatever.

I got in the truck, Lesha complaining in an undertone. "Avalon you a**hole, you had to go and be that bold. He'd like something more reserved, but no, you had to go and do that! You get on people's good sides, not their bad sides!"

"I don't care. I know his intent enough to know that I could have cussed and have been justified. In fact, I know a lot of people where I could do worse and be justified because of their intent. Too many, in fact." I said, thinking of every Arbiter that retained free will and was still willing to go about, destroying the Nexus.

The truck wasn't booby trapped, just gray and dull. There was an ample amount of food and water, in containers that would allow for the truck to continue moving without it spilling over. The Pokemon other than Lesha looked at me, giving me nice looks and smiles, and once more did I manage to catch Scyez attempting another hug that would have gone straight through my chest, and stop said hug before she did.

As there wasn't any form of cover, I decided that me and my buddies were safe. I changed my mind the instant the door closed.

There wasn't anything interesting on the door, but hidden behind it was a teenager, barely a year older than me. He was seemingly sleeping, leaning on the door, but the instant it closed, he started talking.

"Hello, Poke-huh?" He said, actually opening his eyes to notice me.

"Sup!" I said, letting my grammar slide a little.

There was an awkward silence, seemingly far more odd for the teenager who hid behind a door than I, who came in with the Pokemon. It lasted for a few minutes.

I studied the dude in the meantime. He had light green hair, much like Ghetsis, along with multiple facial features subtly matching Team Plasma's leader, but there were key differences. For being thirteen, he was almost as tall as Ghetsis, even if he was far younger. He was also somewhat lanky. There was a hat he wore, black and white, as well as some dark green short jeans and a white shirt. A rubix-cube like box hanged from a small chain near his beltline. His skin was quite light.

"...So, who are you?" He asked.

"Depends. Who are you, and what were you doing behind the door...Oh, and are you going to try something dumb?" I asked, making sure the last one a little drawn out.

"My name is N, I was simply passing time...And, if simply trying to purify the world is something dumb, then yes." N said. "Do you think it's dumb?" He asked.

"Depends on what your definition of purifying means." I said, calmly.

"I simply wish to separate humans and Pokemon." N said. "I've seen and heard of-"

I decided that now was an appropriate time to let N know that I was in control.

"Humans doing terrible, unforgivable things to Pokemon because nine times out of ten they can't understand the Pokemon, or are afraid of them." I said, finishing N's sentence and adding on my own knowledgeable tidbit. "But...The true crime is ignorance. To let a Pokemon in need die because you couldn't give up a small piece of food one has on him for other Pokemon...What am I saying?"


"It's BS. The true crime IS ignorance, and you, my good friend, ignore everything else: Pokemon can be equally cruel to one another, humans have done more crimes against themselves than Pokemon, and hell, Pokemon have done the same things to humans at unmentioned and awkward times, all for the same reasons humans can torment a Pokemon: They don't understand. That can apply to anything. I know what you want, but is the way you're doing it the way that will work? You'll find out if you do your separation of humans and Pokemon, and I have a feeling that you'll thank the person that stopped you if you almost succeed, but get stopped on the brink of your false victory." I added.

"Coming from the guy who's trying to change the world in the same method he's doing...Come on, what if Avonu really is a double-agent or something?" Latries said.

I thought of the double-agent theory while I said that speech to N.

"...No, that's impossible." said Latries, now changing his mind with our realization that if Avonu was a double-agent, there was no way the Onlisk would lose as badly as it was then.

The rest of the trip was in silence. Aside from the occasional Pokemon leaving the main group to grab a bite, nobody made too much movement. N and I were sitting together, in a similar formation of Pokemon that I used on the train, Lesha still on my lap.

"Who are you?"

That sole question was after hours of being asleep, and it woke me up. It was the same question N asked me first and foremost.

"Me? I've either gone insane or I'm still sane. If I'm insane, then there's no point in knowing...And if I'm sane, knowing who I am could cost you more than your life." I said.

At that point, we had arrived at the castle, Ghetsis opening the doors.

Ghetsis looked surprised at something. "Getting along well?"

"We're not killing each other. Does that count?"

Ghetsis decided not to respond. He did look a little frustrated at something.
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