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Default Re: White Knight | Urban | Chandelure

[Vanity] Chandelure (M)
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 100
Energy: 100

Happiny (F)
Ability: Natural Cure
Health: 100
Energy: 100

Vanity stares at Happiny, who’s just standing there smiling cutely, before shrugging. A target’s a target however, and Happiny is as good a target as any. He sucks in a deep breath, his natural ghostly and fiery nature imbuing it with combustible gasses, and then blows, the air catching flame off of his own body. A torrent of fire sprays out of his mouth and washes over Happiny, who jumps, squealing, to get away from the heat. She manages to leap out and rolls comically trying to put herself out. When she stands, she’s noticeably singed, but is otherwise alright.

Gone is the adorable smile, replaced by a look of fierce determination (which is still adorable, because Happiny kawaii uguu). She runs forward and jumps, no doubt intending to lay the hurt on Vanity, and brings her adorable little hand down hard on his face. Vanity blinks, surprised that he actually felt that, albeit lightly. Happiny then steps quickly backwards, satisfied with her payback.

[Vanity] Chandelure (M)
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 96
Energy: 94

Happiny (F)
Ability: Natural Cure
Health: 85
Energy: 96

Vanity uses Flamethrower: Deals 15 damage. Costs 6 energy.
Happiny uses Pound. Deals 4 damage. Costs 4 energy.
Have I mentioned I find Happiny adorable?

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