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Default Re: Foxamivalth | Sea | Electivire

[-] Electivire (M)
Ability: Motor Drive
Health: 80
Energy: 90
Discharge~Poke Ball/Discharge~Poke Ball

Gorebyss (F)
Ability: Swift Swim
Health: 100
Energy: 100
Aqua Ring~Captivate

Electivire knows this play, and overused as Fox has been making it he knows it works. He rubs his wires together, building up electricity, and then points them at the Gorebyss who has swum up to challenge them. The wires crackle blue, and then unleash a pulse of electrical energy. It encompasses Gorebyss, sending pain arcing down her body and causing her to tremble, though she puts on a brave face. Her eyes narrow, and she begins moving the water around her by her own natural affinities. Condensed loops, barely visible in the water but evident in the places they poke above the waves, begin forming around her, forming three circles around her rotating in a gyroscopic manner. They glow a rather lovely shade of sapphire for a moment, and then vanish, to return periodically and restore health to Gorebyss.

Fox has had some good luck with this already, and so he hopes he will again. He pulls out a Poke Ball and extends it, keeping a firm hold so as not to lose it to the ocean. He presses the button on the front, and a stream of red light shoots out and encompasses Gorebyss, who is sucked in. The ball begins shaking back and forth, but almost immediately explodes back open, destroying the ball and releasing Gorebyss easily. She smacks him once across the face with her tail and drops back into the water, poking her head back up to the surface. She looks at Electivire, and hatches an evil idea in her mind. She slinks through the water smoothly, setting Electivire’s interest as to what she’s doing, and then winks slyly. A single pink heart flies out, faster than Electivire can react, and it hits him square in the face. A blush spreads across his cheeks, and he finds himself lowering his own internal energy for a reason he can’t quite understand. His attacks from here on, at least the special attacks, will be severely weakened as a result.

[-] Electivire (M)
Ability: Motor Drive
Health: 80
Energy: 85
Status: SpAtt-2

Gorebyss (F)
Ability: Swift Swim
Health: 86
Energy: 91

Electivire uses Discharge: Deals 20 damage, costs 5 energy.
Gorebyss uses Aqua Ring: Costs 6 energy.
Foxamivalth threw a Poke Ball: The capture roll was 81, where anything less than 24 would result in a capture.
Gorebyss uses Captivate: Costs 3 energy. Electivire -2 SpAtt
To prevent abuse, for the purposes of Aqua Ring “one round” will be considered as every two actions in a round. In this case the actual use of Aqua Ring counts.
Gorebyss healed by Aqua Ring. +6 HP.

You have 25 Safari Points remaining.
What will you do?
>Attack (1 Point)
>Use Item (1 Point)
>Flee (2 Points)
> Leave Safari Zone (All Points)

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