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Default Re: White Knight | Urban | Chandelure

White Knight

[Vanity] Chandelure (M)
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 96%
Energy: 94%


Happiny (F)
Ability: Natural Cure
Health: 85%
Energy: 96%
Sweet Kiss

White Knight looked at the little Happiny. It didn't look particularly drained, but it was a freaking Happiny - come on, how hard would catching it be? At his request, the Ranger handed him a Pokeball. White Knight tossed it at the little pink creature. The Pokeball bounced off the baby Pokemon's hair-curl and into the air, popping open with a snap and releasing a beam of red light that engulfed Happiny. The ball absorbed Happiny and shut, falling onto the road. It wobbled a few times - the Pokeball, not the road! - before giving off a loud ping. White Knight smiled. Happiny was his!


White Knight continued to walk, whistling a merry tune. Suddenly, a Shuppet floated out of an alley, nearly scaring White Knight and Vanity half to death! White Knight regained his composure and looked coolly at the ghost, wondering what he wanted to do.

White Knight

[Vanity] Chandelure (M)
Ability: Flash Fire
Health: 96%
Energy: 94%


[-] Shuppet (F)
Ability: Insomnia
Health: 100%
Energy: 100%

What will you do?

>Attack (1 Point)
>Use Item (1 Point)
>Flee (2 Points)
> Leave Safari Zone (All Points)

You have 28 Safari Points remaining.
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