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Default Re: Beartic Tundra vs. Thunderbolt

Beartic Tundra

[Shiva] Glaceon (F)
Ability: Snow Cloak
Health: 73%
Energy: 57%
Status: Having a bit of a giggling fit.
Rain Dance ~ Water Pulse

White Knight

[Emo] Litwick (M)
Ability: Flame Body
Health: 26%
Energy: 37%
Status: Still not liking his chances.
Confuse Ray ~ Chill

Round Six

Shiva squinted up in annoyance at the sun. Didn't it know that it was only prolonging Emo's suffering? She lifted her muzzle, opening her mouth slightly to release cold-water energy, forming a little blue sphere above her nose. The sphere shot into the air and exploded in a burst of condensation, creating great gray clouds to cover the sun. Within seconds, rain was pouring down and Emo's candle was burning low. White Knight scowled - for the second time today, he needed a freaking umbrella.
[Rain Dance: Shiva, -7% Energy]

Emo narrowed his eyes at Shiva, who met his gaze with her chin tilted haughtily. Emo wondered darkly if the Glaceon would feel so smug if she could barely remember her own name. He lifted his stubby arms to his head, where his candle-flame puffed up brightly. When his hands came away, he held between them a ball of purple energy, flickering yellow like a strobe. He lobbed the ball at Shiva, who blinked as it passed painlessly through her. What was the point of that? she wondered. But she knew that this attack would do Emo no good.
[Confuse Ray: Emo, -5% Energy]

She lowered her body and leered menacingly at Emo, ready to... Wait, what was she supposed to do? Make a Hyper Beam? Use Blaze Kick? Take a nap? Her heart started to pound as confusion overwhelmed her. Then she shook her head. She would not fall for the ghostly tricks of a little candle. She opened her mouth wide, and a jet of water came from her throat, forming a wide carpet of waves along the alley. Emo cried out in pain as the water, heightened by the rain, swamped him. His mind filled with a ringing as the tide receded.
[Water Pulse: Shiva, -8% Energy; Emo, -23% Energy]

Emo was so exhausted; there was nothing more he could do. He felt like he was about to die. He flopped down on the damp pavement, his fire flickering lower and lower, with little curls of violet-tinted smoke coming off of it. His entire body was hurting so badly. He could feel Shiva's smug gaze burning into him. Was there any stopping this ice-fox? Wearily he managed to peel himself off of the cement, feeling slightly less mind-numbingly exhausted, but still quite achy.
[Chill: Emo, +6% Energy]

The achiness, of course, was only exacerbated when some thug threw a rock at Emo's head. The flame nearly died, and it was all Emo could do not to faint.
[Rock Throw: Emo, -2% HP; Thug, -0% Energy]

Beartic Tundra

[Shiva] Glaceon (F)
Ability: Snow Cloak
Health: 73%
Energy: 42%
Status: How are you still alive? [CFS]

White Knight

[Emo] Litwick (M)
Ability: Flame Body
Health: 1%
Energy: 38%

Ref Notes
Shiva's Confusion Roll was 14; 1-50 for hit.
Water Pulse's Crit Roll was 99; 1-6.25 for Crit.
Water Pulse's Effect Roll was 27; 1-20 for Confusion.
Thug Roll was 11; 1-20 for Rock.
White Knight has two Chills remaining.

Beartic Tundra, your moves please.
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