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Default Re: New Horizons: Dark Arceus [all inclusive mon/trainer/morph/etc][DS]

Heheh, I meant both the fact about being a Hoenn morph, AND being an arcanine morph . I'm gonna try and use a different approach with the group rp too, but they'll both converge at certain important plot points, though differently.

And yes, I'm slow, waaaaaaaaaaah, but I'm doing three different rps right now and looking to graduate soon and want a good grade when I do! I'm sorry that I can't be on so much, but I'll try and make up for it, promise! The major plot twisting (in our 2-person, aka 1x1) happens soon, so you'll have to tolerate a bit more character history stuff before the fighting and chaos beings

Updated cast list and we have some new characters joining us! (which buys me a little time to type...) And I finally read your post! Hmm, that's a bit more, revealing, than I expected, but humans will see what they want to see. Most will think it's an illusion, like UFOs and stuff. Some may think otherwise, but none will know what actually happened. They like rationalizing things that way, plus there are people who will help them forget....

PS, travel advice, the best way to get to Sinnoh by boat from Johto is to go north over the platinum ocean and dock at Canalve (other side of continent from Veilstone though...) or Sunnyshore (to the south-east of Veilstone), just to make sure travel distances make sense!

PPS, You think I'm a guy? *crazy happy tomboy spaz*
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