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The Boy:

Name: Daniel Redrock

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Status: Deviant Grafix

Appearance: Daniel is of Irish descent, which to the stereotyper explains many of his physical characteristics: his pale skin, his freckles, his lanky body and his bronze hair, which is always a mess. He has a rather boyish face, with round cheeks and eyes. His fingers are long and slim, with a callous on his right middle finger from holding a pencil so often. His feet are rather large - large enough to be noticeable. He has a small scar on the side of his right cheek that looks like an animal scratch.

As for clothes, Daniel has a liking for fleecy, warm, usually pale things. He can usually be seen wearing a t-shirt of some description, with a sweatshirt on top unless it happens to be quite warm out. He wears jeans, preferably with many pockets for storing his trinkets, and for footwear prefers fleecy socks and sandals. It is unknown why he likes pale clothing - it usually ends up paint, pencil, or ink-stained!

Daniel has a generally negative attitude when he isn't drawing. He has a tendency to sulk, huff, drum his fingers - even when he is not annoyed. If his mind isn't occupied with something, it starts filling with vibrant pictures and colors, which can give him panic attacks if he can't release them. When he is busy with something else, however, he can be a bit erratic and moody. He can be a bit of a pain in the hindquarters: as mentioned, he sulks and sighs and pouts. He's very stubborn and moody, and has pretty bad skills with people on the whole. He has mild OCD, and just can't cope with anything that affects his 'routine' or 'schedule'. Always fretting and fussing, he can be a headache. However, he is, at the same time, one of the most die-hard loyal people one would ever meet. Once he's psyched himself up to it, he can also be extremely brave. He tends to stay as far away from WAE as possible, in case one of his attacks of inspiration gives him away.

Daniel was born and raised in a small town and that's probably where they'll bury him that WAE never paid much attention to. As a result, he was able to let his artistic ability bloom to an unusual degree. His parents were clued into the fact that he was more than a little boy who liked to doodle. Fearing for him, they quashed his talent, warning him away from it and making sure that there was little around to create spontaneous inspiration. As a result, he rarely saw color for years. Only once he was old enough to handle himself in public was he allowed to see colors again. He now lives in the same town, and rarely ventures out of his home save for work and groceries.

He's fairly intelligent, and is good at solving problems. He can also run very quickly.

His X:

Name: Cyrus Nelvenmig

Age: 45

Gender: Male

Species: Lumanx (Long, lanky, lean canine with a long tail and tongue. Their eyes glow, as do certain bright markings on their otherwise blandly-patterned coats.)


Cyrus is a long-limbed canid with sharp, long fangs and sharp, long claws. He has a long tongue and tail, with long, sharp, curved claws on the tips of his finger-like toes. His coat is blue-black on top, white on bottom, with orange dots adorning the line between the colors. His irises are the same color; the 'whites' of his eyes are black.

Personality: Cyrus has a very intense personality. Whatever he feels, he feels to great degree. He has a habit of taking things a lot more seriously than he should, and speaking in pretty words the situation does not need. However, his melodrama isn't thespianism - it's a way for him to cope with the pain of not being able to see any color, save for the colors in people's eyes. He is very laid-back and calm as long as he's not on a roll about something, preferring to let others do the leading and to just pursue a quiet life of learning and trying to find beauty in the jaded world of his own eyes. He keeps mostly to himself, and like Daniel, the one thing you can really do to make him agitated is to interfere with what he knows. He also tends to get annoyed if he can't see someone's eyes.

Information: Cyrus was originally born in a dream, when Daniel was getting older and longed to see some color in his world. He pictured something like a light to his darkness: color in his shades of gray. Black and white, but with a flush of chroma to make it beautiful. Cyrus was that splash of color. When Cyrus appeared in Nexen, he and Daniel were able to communicate freely. They talked and talked and talked - Cyrus showing Daniel color and Daniel showing him how to appreciate it.

A wandering WAE group found Cyrus when he was returning from a visit to his friend's Horizon that was very near Velvod. Cyrus was captured, and the WAE Sonas attempted to break his mind, sensing the power contained within him and the value Cyrus had as a soldier. Cyrus could stand torture - until one day, some genius thought to take away his eyesight. He was left in a pitch-black room for weeks, and when he saw light again color was the first thing he reacted to. Seeing this, the WAE decided to take away his ability to see color.

Not long after this, Cyrus escaped. He now resides on the border of Ianu and Ahaelos, trying to regain his ability to see color and his ability to speak with Daniel - which vanished mysteriously after Cyrus's world became monochrome.

For reasons unknown, Cyrus can still see the color in others' eyes. Eyes are gateways to the soul, and Cyrus has learned that colors reveal personality traits. He is very good at first impressions.
Cyrus is a shapeshifter. He cannot take the form of something not real without extreme difficulty, but if it exists he can become it.
Cyrus knows rudimentary magic - mostly simple spells like fire and lightning. He also knows many healing spells, at which he excells.
Cyrus often has prophetic dreams. They often come true in odd ways, but his dreams have never been wrong before.

He and Daniel are both original creations for a novel. Steal, and die~
Also, Cyrus's name means, in his own tongue: 'Cyrus, son of Nelven.' c:

I essentially just made a new person. c: I promise, the next time I post the SU will be finished.
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