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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts: Unwritten [SU & DS]

Yay, Chibi and sealboyno1 posted!!! :D Now I just need to go hunt down Esper...

In the meantime, I have another character! ^^ I thought we could use another Dark Apprentice, especially if I'm going to carry out my--I mean, Vanessa's evil plans >:3 Some of you might recognize him...


Name: Chase Owens

Gender: Male


Alignment: Dark

: Ex-Apprentice

Appearance: Chase stands at exactly six feet, though there’s nothing extraordinary about his build at that height. But don’t let his lanky form fool you—he can be overwhelmingly strong and swift when called into battle. His skin is rather pale, as if he had for most of his life hid from the light of day. Emotions rarely express themselves on his gaunt face, but his keen, unnerving yellow eyes seem to acutely take in every detail around him. People unfortunate enough to attract his gaze swear that they feel like they’re being watched by a cunning predator—watching and waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce. As such, it’s very rare to see anyone with Mr. Owens…

When it comes to apparel, Chase’s favorite color is black. Most likely, you’ll spot him his a dark leather jacket decorated with all manner of silver studs, spikes, and chains, around a seemingly countless amounts of pockets. The jacket is usually undone, exposing the gray, skull-printed t-shirt he wears underneath. He also wears a long, baggy pair of black jeans that similarly have chains wrapped around his legs. Despite all this metal covering him—Chase rarely makes a sound. People very rarely hear him coming before they sense his unnerving presence…

It would be interesting to note that Chase is a gifted Shapeshifter. He inherited this ability from his home world, and takes great advantage of it while at the Guild. His forms (all black in color) include a rat, a raven, a dog, and a fire-drake (lion-sized reptile from his world resembling a wingless dragon). There may be more forms, but the only people who know about Chase’s abilities are those who are on his side. Not even the Masters and Elders of the Guild know what he is capable of.

Personality: Chase is quite the mystery, an enigma within the Guild. He very rarely speaks, unless spoken to, but always seems to be observing. His extreme patience is to be admired, but at the same time this very aspect of his character is what unnerves people the most. Why? Because they have no idea what he’s waiting for, nor what he will do next. This silent, stalking personality makes him quite unpredictable, especially since he very rarely expresses emotions of any kind. Even his fellow students secretly pursing the Dark Arts are never sure if Chase is really on their side. Nevertheless, he is obedient to the orders of the Masters who contact him outside of the Guild, and carries them out with great efficiency. Yet sometimes one wonders if something much more menacing is going on in his little head.

Needless to say, others don’t especially like spending time in his presence…

The young man seems to have a morbid curiosity about people, especially those who struggle to fight their own darkness. His gifts in magic allow him to secretly spy on his persons of interest without detection, and since he currently does not have a Master within the Guild, he has had plenty of opportunity to do so.

Not much is known about Chase’s background, since he very rarely shares anything of his past to anyone (not that he has had much opportunity to do so). But his world was one that was full of much fear and darkness to begin with. There, arcane and black magic ran amok. Witches and terrible warlocks terrorized the lives of superstitious peasant folk; feral beasts roamed forbidden places, devouring those who strayed from straight paths or placing curses on those who were lucky enough to survive. This was a world brimming with werewolves, vampires (not the sparkly kind :P), goblins, and spiteful fae—a world we only dream about on Halloween night.

When he was just an infant, Chase was taken from his family and replaced with a changeling. While a stranger grew up in his rightful home, Chase was raised by a prickly old hag who was more interested in experimenting on him with magic than caring for his needs. The boy learned how to take care of himself eventually, but the experimentation and abuse from the witch continued. It was her tinkering that gave him the ability to Shape-shift, but the gift had its repercussions. As time went on, Chase started to act less like a human and more like… something else. Some of the witch’s attitudes about other creatures were instilled within him as well; thus, he gained that morbid curiosity of his.

With darkness wreaking havoc in that world of his, it was inevitable that it would fall one day. Yet for some reason, Chase didn’t disappear with it. Instead, he was incarcerated into a stone that was sent out into the wider universe. Eventually, the stone was picked up by a Wielder of the Keyblade. Through his arts, he was able to call Chase from out of the stone.

This Keyblade Master became greatly intrigued by Chase when he discovered the boy’s Shape-shifting skills. Finding him as a suitable pupil, the Master passed on the keyblade to him and took him back to the Guild for training. The boy took to it well—especially when his Master began dabbling with the powers of Darkness. Chase seemed especially eager to learn more about these powers, but unfortunately his Master was discovered one ill day. He was thrown out of the Guild, while Chase remained… but now, as a nineteen year old, he works with some of the other Apprentices who are continuing their search for control over the Darkness.

Keyblade: Chase wields two keyblades: Fatal Crest, and Silent Wing (similar in color and design to Fatal Crest, but with a skeletal dragon's wing instead of a head)

Other: Like Riku and Zexion, Chase has the ability to “smell” darkness. (And no, he’s not a Nobody)
But he is… A CREEEEP—PAAAAAAAH! [/end inside joke]

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