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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

BP OOC: Sure, whatever, and this is morning for me ;p

Ranger: Leo

Location: Botanical Gardens


"Well, seeing how I also manage the review section, I doubt I'll get fired." I said winking at him. Then I awaited his decision. He asked his Jynx what she wanted to do. Then he gave me his answer.

“Alright, alright. The pond it is,” he said with a sigh. I nodded.

"Okay then, the pond is that way." I said, pointing to my left. We walked up the trail towards the small pond. I wasn't sure what sort of Pokemon would be there today since it mostly varied on stuff like temperature, time of day, and weather. I was fairly certain that Pokemon like Deerling and Kangaskhan would more than likely be there based on the weather and temperature. It was pretty cloudly, but the sun was shining through clouds every now and then. It wasn't too hot, I'd say about 80 degrees, slight breeze. Pretty nice day so far.

As we got closer to the pond, I saw a small blue figure bending over the edge drinking water. I looked carefully and noticed that it was a small Munchlax. I wasn't sure if Seq wanted to capture one, but these Pokemon were quite rare. I hoped that if he did capture one though, that he had a lot of money, because if and when he evolved this Munchlax, it could eat about 900 pounds of food a month, or more. That would get extremely expensive. One of my brother's friend's took in my Snorlax. It isn't hers yet, but it will be soon. Since she owns a farm, a lot of the food she grows goes to Snorlax.

"Well, do you want to battle this Munchlax?" I asked Seq. I had a feeling he wanted too, but as a Ranger, it was my job to ask.


Battle Stats

Wild Pokemon: Munchlax
Nature : ???
Gender : ???
Ability : ???
Stats Changes: ???
Health : 100%
Character Count: ooooo/35ooo

Your Pokemon: Togekiss
Nature : Gentle
Gender : Female
Ability : Serene Grace
Stats Changes:
Health : 100%


Encounters Left: 8

Encounters- ??? ??? Zigzagoon
??? ??? Doduo
??? ??? Combee
??? ??? Exeggutor
??? ??? Budew and ??? ??? Delcatty
??? Male Munchlax (Captured)
??? Female Roseade (Captured)

Trainer Stats

Name: Sequentio
Location: Botanic Gardens
Items: 5 Park Balls, 3 Super Balls, 1 Hyper Balls, 2 Full Heals & 3 Max Potions


Rebecca the Jynx
Gender; Female
Ability; Oblivious (Prevents attract).
Nature; Impish.
TM/HM; Brick Break, Dream Eater, Grass Knot & Shadow Ball.
HP; 100%

Erutis the Togekiss
Gender; Female
Ability; Serene Grace (Doubles chances for secondary effects).
Nature; Gentle.
TM/HM; Flamethrower, Grass Knot, Nasty Plot (BM), Psychic, Reflect, Roost, Shadow Ball, Thunder Wave & Tri Attack (SM).

Julie the Vaporeon
Gender; Female
Nature; Calm
Ability; Water Absorb (Regains 25% health when hit with a Water attack).
TM/HM/Other; Hidden Power (Poison), Ice Beam, Protect, Substitute, Surf & Toxic
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