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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01 (Woods)

OOC: Lol you're fine ^^

The Ninjask must have understood me because as soon as I said that I wanted to avoid it the Bug just flew off into the trees. I exhaled with relief as the Wild Pokemon left us alone - I hated fighting Pokemon that I didn't want to capture. It was a waste of energy and caused unnecessary pain. As we began down the darkened path my Scyther disk began playing, emitting the buzzing and somehow angry-sounding noises of a Scyther. I semi-flinched at the first burst, but tried to ignore the others.

It wasn't long before the path darkened and we heard a buzzing sound from behind us. I turned and saw a large beetle looking at us. It was dark red with black markings over its body, most noticeably the black spots on its carapace and its wings. It rustled its black mustache and began swaying its blades from side to side. I took a step back because I recognised this. It looked like the calm before a storm that preceeded most attacks of a blade master. I'd seen it a few times before when Dual got really angry.

"Any care for a Kricketune?" Ivy asked me.

"No thank you, it's already evolved," I said quietly. I'd come across a Kricketune during my last visit to the Woods and it had been a hardcore battler, nearly taking my Ralts down. I had no wish to repeat that battle, although I was pretty confident that Dual could take it down with much more ease this time. Like I said, though, I didn't like unnecessary conflict. I was prepared to throw a PokeDoll if the beetle didn't want to leave us alone.
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