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The Brawler
Name: Shiba Set
Age: 20
Gender: Female(even though she acts like she's a guy...)
Status: Tattu Deviant
Appearance: Shiba is a pretty imposing figure, standing at an even 6' tall and is all lightly toned muscles under naturally bronze skin covered in swirling tattoo patterns from nearly heard to toe, her face remains the only thing untouched by Argeno's ink. Thick lashes surround fierce, nearly lavender eyes, and her face is framed by thick, onyx-black hair that hangs straight to her mid-back. For those who can see color, she wears a high-necked lavender jacket that fits close to her body over a black tank top and worn and faded jeans with boots that look like they could survive WW3 by themselves in spite the fact they're alredy fairly scuffed and beaten up. In public, Shiba wears a pair of thin black gloves over her hands and keeps her hoodie securely zipped up to hide the twenty billion tattoos covering her skin, most displayed being the big blue rose on her left hip. She can also be identified by a small scar on her left cheek, while you'll notice her knuckles looks pretty beaten as well, if you can get a close enough look.
Personality: Shiba is the kind of girl you would expect to try and rob you blind or beat you senseless for no reason other than her own amusement. Although at times Shiba might want to hit you as soon as she'd look at you, and her fuse is a LOT shorter the most, she does harbor a more kind side. Shiba is actually capable of being very warmhearted and friendly towards those she likes and trusts as well as children, but those that she trusts are few and most kids these days have already been lost to the WAE. She does, however, have Argeno and Al--she might be sharp-tongued and a bit impatient, but she really does love Argeno and treats Al like a daughter in spite of the fact that the girl is only three years younger than she is and Al was her friend's little sister. She's loyal to those she cares for and would go to the ends of the earth for them, but getting on that list isn't easy in the slightest and she has a tendency to punch anyone who makes her mad so long as it's not Al or Argeno. About the voice of reason that Shiba will listen to is Argeno, and even that's not a sure thing sometimes. Slight kindness aside, Shiba really doesn't care what anyone thinks about her or her tattoos and bad attitude--if you don't like it, get lost. If you try to hurt those she loves, they'll never find your body, and on the very off chance they do, there won't be much left to identify you with.
Background: Shiba really can't remember a time when it wasn't just, her big brother, and a friend or two of his. She doesn't remember ever knowing her parents, just her brother telling her they didn't care about them, which was why he took his little sister and hit the streets even before anything "bad" happened--they were already WAE-stricken, what was going to happen? At least, now that she understands, that what she figures happened. She grew up watching her brother deal with anything and everything retaining to their well-being, and one thing he got into a lot of was trouble, her brother tended to get into a lot of fights, and Shiba would watch quietly when he did. From her first memory of seeing Seth brawling on the street, Shiba was fascinated by the art of fighting and bugged him to teach her everything he could about it. Seth taught her slowly, from simply teaching her the right way to punch to learning more complex moves and reading your opponents for hints on what they might do next, and Shiba soaked it up like a sponge so that it soon became very clear that the young girl had an affinity for the art of fighting. It was this that caused her soon after her lessons began to step into a fight where her brother was outnumbered and she decided it was her turn to step in. Shiba might have been smaller and looked a lot less tough than the guys who were beating up her brother, but that was what she always considered the funniest part looking back--there were six of them ganging up on her brother, and between the two of them once Shiba joined the fight, they managed to beat them so badly that all six ran off. From that day on, that was how Shiba and Seth made their names--they were unbeatable on the street...that was, until the day Seth left to go get something for dinner and never came back.

Unsure of what to do, Shiba found herself hunting down one of the other gangs of kids on the street she'd heard of--the Blue Roses. That was how she came to meet Grimauldi "Grim" Whiteflower, his sisters, and Argeno. When she finally tracked the group down, she immediately approached Grim and requested a fight with him. "If I win, you let me join your gang. If you win, I leave and you won't hear from me again." She told him this, and a number of the group members protested, but Grim...he looked at her and laughed. "You obviously haven't heard enough about how we work, Miss Set." The light-haired boy responded to her, "We don't fight unless we have to, anyone is welcome to join us. I won't fight you, but you're very much welcome to join us." It was the first time Shiba didn't have to fight to get anywhere, and it threw her off guard. She joined up with the group and became close friends with Grim, who was only slightly older than she was, and was the first to hear about the boy who could draw pictures on your skin that could not be washed off, the Graphix boy who called himself a tattoo artist. As a symbol of unity, Grim was the first to get the blue rose tattoo the would come to decorate most of the gang's older members and spark a love of ink in Shiba, who was the second to have the rose tattooed to her. She hit it off with the polite boy who introduced himself as Argeno, and she found herself coming back to him, first for additions to the rose tattoo, then whatever the Graphix boy felt like, resulting in a great friendship between the two. As more and more people began to shrink away from her appearance and attitude, she forged closer bonds with Grim, his sisters, and Argeno, none of whom seemed to be affected by the art on her skin. Eventually she and the tattoo artist started their official relationship, but it wasn't like much changed between them other than their time spent together seemed to increase. Then there was the flash mob disaster that most of the gang didn't escape... They'd gone over the possibility before, which was why the pair grabbed Al and ran, but when no one came back, that's when they re-formed their idea of a family once more. Shiba hopes to find the others again one day and free them from WAE control.
Brawler-Shiba can fight pretty well, but she learned most of it 'off the street' and therefore there's no real technique behind her punches and kicks--other than hit where it hurts
Hard Hitter-Shiba's status as a Tattu seems to center around her fighting--particularly her fists, which can crack concrete and dent metal if she concentrates and hits hard enough without flinching
Endurance-Shiba's not the kind to go down in one or two hits--she can take a lot before she geos down for the count
Fast feet-Shiba's a speedy thing, and she will use this to her advantage, be it to get away, to help her out in a fight, or to get her in and out of a place fast

Her Sona
Name: Kari Penn
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Appearance: Kari-Base However, there is a slight correction I have to make regarding her face, the silver dragon is Silverstreak's head, I just didn't fee like redrawing... *Note: These are both MINE and took forever to draw--particularly the pic with Silverstreak's revamped face. Stealers will be hunted like animals to the ends of the earth!
Kari looks like your average 18 0r 19 year-old girl, wiith fair skin as well as kind brown eyes and shoulder-length brown hair held up in twin ponytails. She wears a gray denim half-jacket over a yellow baby-doll top that's slit open down the middle over a second green layer with a pair of gray denim shorts and finished off with a pair of gray sneakers. She bears what appears to be an elegant silver tattoo of a dragon whose face takes up nearly the entire left half of her own and continues down to her right ankle, which it's tail is curled around while it's neck curves around hers, it's body rests of her back, and it's wings curl around her arms like it was made of some kind of metal, elegantly designed so each scale and webbing was outlined. In all reality, the tattoo is actually Silverstreak Watermark--Argeno's Sona.
Personality: Kari isn't the kind to talk much, but rather proves her point through actions unless there is no other option or she needs to act as Silverstreak's mouthpiece. She's that kind of person that you simply feel more safe and happy for being around--until you see her get mad and turn around to pick up something twice her weight and hurl it at whoever made her mad. She is capable of a great amount of patience, but trying to harm innocents will get you hurt really bad, really fast. Although often expressionless and as previously stated, not much of a talker, Kari is friendly and likes meeting new people. She's also rather intelligent and is the person you want to run to when you have problems--not only will she listen, she will try to help you as best she can, giving her a bit of a mother hen side. Not that anyone is complaining about it.
Information: Created when Shiba got into her first fight to defend her brother, it's considered kind of odd that Kari did not take the form of some kind of animal, but she isn't complaining. While she and others quickly discovered the truth behind her decievingly gentle and cute looks, she has been fighting the WAE ever since she knew she could, using completely unorthodox fighting methods and using every little thing around her to an advantage to try and keep them from getting what they want...not that she's entirely sure what they want... She met Silverstreak not too long after coming into contact with Shiba the first time and learning the name of her creator's boyfriend's Sona. Upon meeting him, the two became good friends and Silverstreak ended up attaching himself to her so it was easy for them to stay together(he was getting bored of his old companion anyway). Not too long afterward, the pair found Shiri(both have taken to calling her "Little Shiri") and are working as a team just as their Deviants are in their world.
Super strength-Appearances can be decieving, as Kari will quickly prove, just let her hit you once or hang around to watch her pick up and hurl things that look like they might be twice her weight
Guerilla tactics-Kari sees anything and everything as a potential weapon, from hot water to benches to even street signs--if is isn't bolted down(sometimes even if it is) she will not hesitate to pick it up and throw it
Other: Has a tendency to call Shiri "Little Shiri"

The Tattoo Artist
Name: Argeno Balk
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Status: Graphix Deviant
Appearance: A lot of people who see Argeno and Shiba together would shake their heads if they still could actually see the couple. Argeno is tall, but not Shiba tall, coming to stand in at about 5' 10" and looks pretty lanky, though he does have a bit of muscle on him. Intelligent, bright green eyes are set in fair skin dusted in golden freckles and his more angular face is framed by jagged red bangs while he's grown the rest of his hair out so that he keeps it in a neat little ponytail that extends just past his shoulder blades. Often, Argeno is seen wearing a plain black dress shirt with a gray blazer-style vest over it, lending him a more professional look--until you see that he's wearing jeans and sneakers and you realize he's just wearing what he does because he likes to. It can be noted that he wears a silver dragon earring in his right ear that wraps around his whole ear, tail sticking though the hole in his earlobe and it's body curling around his outer ear in a fashion similar to wraparound earbuds with it's head curling into his upper inner ear...For lack of a better explanation, kinda like this. He wears a gray hoodie in public to hide it since he refuses to take it out, and his clothes hide multiple tattoos on his arms, most of which are small and inisgnificant, used as a way to vent his creativity earlier on in his life. He carries around things he deems important in a medium-sized brown messenger bag, mainly his sketchbook and a pen/pencil.
Personality: Argeno, in spite of his profession and choice of girlfriend, is an extremely nice guy. He's friendly and optimistic, meanwhile also able to keep a handle on his girlfriend most of the time through simple calming words. He thrives on the company of others and ink/graphite, spending all his free time either drawing or working on a tattoo design for someone(typically Shiba, maybe Al on occasion), and is rather intelligent and an incredibly good judge of people because of it. Argeno also hates sitting still, he has to be moving, if only slightly, all the time and it might drive people nuts, but he doesn't really care. If you're in trouble, Argeno is the guy you want to call, he'll be there to help you as soon as he can, so long as he can help you. He loves Shiba, tattoos, bad mood, and all, like almost no one else left in his world can feel, as well as Al, although he tends to treat Al like his own little sister. Underlying all this, however, is a deep guilt in leaving his family behind and a strong wish to destroy the WAE to save his father and sister as well as the rest of the Blue Roses.
Background: Argeno was born into a family of ink centered Deviants, a Scribz and Graphix surrounded him for most of his early life, and he quickly took to drawing very well, however he was drawn most to his father's drawings of beings that he called dragons and his older sister's stories about the creatures, whom she claimed inhabited a world similar to theirs and lived in peace with some humans while others were bad and tried to hunt them, stories that he would later realize paralleled their situation. His mother was never around and he doesn't remember her--never bothered to ask his sister, Rosalie. The family stuck together like glue, doing what they had to to keep going, but their father was one of those people who tried to bear most of the burden himself and hardly ever let Argeno or Rosalie do anything to help him out other than write or draw to inspire him and keep his own creativity flowing. Shortly before the family fell apart, Rosalie presented Argeno with a dragon earring that she'd managed to find(where, he'd never find out, nor was he entirely sure he wanted to know) and he loved it, and put it in where he could never lose it. Then things changed--they aren't sure how it happened, but suddenly their father lost the will to create anything, as did Rosalie. Scared of losing his own creative will, Argeno ran, taking one of his father's sketchbooks and a notebook full of Rosalie's stories with him. Somewhere along the way, he learned of the art of tattooing and how to do it, using it as a way to keep his ideas from escaping him before he came to be involved with the Blue Roses, where he found other people to vent his creativity on--one repeat customer was Shiba. He came to enjoy life with the Roses though he felt guilty about leaving his father and sister--and then the Roses were torn apart in a resistance act gone wrong, leaving him with just Shiba and Al and having to adjust his idea of family once again. He hopes to find a way to take down the WAE and get his family back together again.
Encoding-Argeno can encode messages in his works, which only those meant to recieve the message will get, often in a series on mental image flashes
Human Camera-If Argeno's gotten a good look at it, he can draw it, if not reproduce it
Optical Illusion-The weakest of Argeno's abilities, he can sometimes make people believe they are seeing things that aren't actually there

His Sona
Name: Silverstreak Watermark
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Ink Dragon
Appearance: Um, can I just direct you to the description of Kari's "tattoo"?
Personality: Silverstreak is definately one of the most intelligent creatures you'll ever come into contact with. In spite of this fact, he doesn't act snobby about it, though he does like to share his knowledge, he is actually very good-natured and likable. This is something most of his "host bodies" have been thankful for since he spends a great deal of time attached to them before he moves on to find another body to travel with, most recently it has been Kari. He can be a bit competitive and curious, two things his hosts quickly learn to deal with, though Kari seems to be able to boss him around a bit easier considering how high her patience is. Silverstreak himself has a fair amount of patience, but he also likes getting straight to the point of the things without beating around the bush. Also, Silverstreak loves getting to know new people/new Sonas to talk to, and will defend those he cares for with his life.
Information: Silverstreak was created the first time Argeno drew a dragon, although his appearance has evolved as Argeno's art got better, eventually finalizing into his appearance now. He has fought against the WAE with his hosts ever since he discovered his full potential and has traveled from host to host to try and see most of Nexen and encounter different Sonas as well as to gather knowledge and share his own. Not too long ago after 'speaking' with Argeno, he became aware of the Sonas of the people that Argeno was living with, and sought them out, finding Kari first and making her his newest host before the pair changed their objective to finding Shiri. That accomplished, they all now share the objective of trying to find a way to get rid of the WAE, much like their Deviants, but Silverstreak knows it will not be an easy road, and has made sure the girls know it as well.
Wallflower-Silverstreak, being mostly two-dimensional, can attach himself to just about any fixed surface he wants, and detach himself any time he wishes(currently he's taken up residence on Kari's skin)
Telepathy-Silverstreak can talk mentally to any Sona that his presence has become familiar with, which is how he communicates
Breath of flameAs a typical dragon can, Silverstreak can breath fire--white fire
Physical weapon-In a fight, silverstreak tends to use his iron gatelike wings as a weapon, skewering his enemies with them.
Other: Refers to Shiri as "Little Shiri"; will detach himself from Kari to fight, but refuses to let go of his hold on her ankle, however he is subject to getting dragged around by Kari.

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