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Default Re: Murgle-Flag vs. Magnetic Zero

Round Three


Gloom (M)

HP: 75%
Energy: 70%


[Impulse] Gulpin (M)
HP: 80%
Acid Spray~Sludge Wave

The end was drawing near. Gloom knew this all to well. It happened to be the one to move first. It began to hum a little tune as saliva dripped from its mouth. The tune was very soothing at first to Impulse. As it caught on to the tune, an invisible blast shook Impulse heavily causing a decent amount of damage. Make it stop! Impulse thought as it didn't want to hear anymore of the tune. (Impulse -12hp) (Gloom -5 energy)

Impulse would have none of this nonsense. It began to inhale, taking in a huge breath. It sounded as if it was getting a nice giant wad of spit deep from the back of its throat. This went on for a good 10 seconds or so. Once it finally gathered enough, it spit out a wide spray of purple acid. The acid contacted Gloom, sinking into its skin. Gloom shook a little from the poisonous liquid but stood ready to continue on. (Gloom -7hp)(Impulse -4 energy)

Gloom shook the memory of the nasty poison out of its head as it began to hum the familiar tune once again. Impulse couldn't help but cover its ears...if it had any. The tune had sounded heavenly before but now Impulse was annoyed with it. Make it stop! Make it stop! The same invisible force shook Impulse again. Make it stop! (Impulse -12 hp) (Gloom -5 energy)

Impulse had to make this tune stop. As the tune began to silence, it began to gather material from its own body. The dark black grime dripped from Impulses hand as it it rolled it into a ball. What did this consist of? The most disgusting places to get anything that has sludge. The bottom of a coolant tank, the bottom of a vehicle engine that had not changed its oil in the last three years, and even the sludge that is collected at the bottom of a garbage truck inside the compactor. Impulse smelled the sweet aroma. It hurled the ball at Gloom as the ball broke apart and spread out. As it contacted Gloom, all the grass Pokemon could think of was the horrid smell and sick feeling as the sludge sank into its skin. (Gloom -19hp) (Impulse -18 energy)

Gloom (M)

HP: 49%
Energy: 60%
Condition: Plenty of fight left.


[Impulse] Gulpin (M)
HP: 56%
Condition:Make it stop! I'm too tired...

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