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Default {pprc -

This event has already occured. Sorry!


You slowly reach into your backpack pocket and pull out your pokedex. A large notification sits on the screen, informing you that you have gotten a message. It had been quite a while since you had heard from your professor. Opening the message you quickly begin to read it.

Dear Young Trainer,

We are the PPRC (Pokemon Professor Research Community). As you most likely know, a Pokemon Professor is one who studies Pokemon and their behavior. The world of pokemon is vast, and it is hard for us to even find pokemon, so this is where you come. The PPRC is a community in which the research of professors is shared. We have found, that by adding trainers into the community we receive much more information about pokemon, some of which we don’t know. So we ask every once and a while, for trainers, like you, to send in information on a pokemon of yours or one you met on your travels. Every acceptable entry receives a prize; the top entries also receive more elaborate prizes. So, hopefully you are convinced to do this easy task for us. All we ask is that you write a field guide or field journal on a pokemon you have, or one you met on your journey. Please include as much information as possible. Thank you.

To write a field guide or journal about a pokemon. A field guide would be a list of facts, such as height, weight, male/female differences, group size, food, and behaviors. A field journal is the same thing, only not listed as facts, but wrote out like a story of how you found the facts.

The writings are graded on Originality and Creativeness, Realism, Spelling and Grammar, and Writing.
  • Originality and Creativeness (20 Points) – Be original and creative. You are not limited to just what the game/anime pokedex says. You can alter it, come up with completely new stuff, or even prove the pokedex wrong. This is what you’ve discovered, not what the pokedex says is right.
  • Realism (20 Points) – Okay, pretend you’re actually in a world where pokemon exist. Can that really happen, or is that just anime physics.
  • Spelling and Grammar (20 Points) – Self-Explanatory.
  • Writing (20 Points) – This should be an easy. Do we understand what your writing? Are we intrigued? Does everything agree? That kind of stuff.

Starts 9/3/11 – Ends 9/24/11 Midnight EST

The Entries should be pmed to Dino. From that point he can grade them, send it to someone else to help grade, and ect. After the due date, the writings will be posted with their grades, and prizes will be given out.

YES! :'D
Everyone who participates will get $5 if their entries scores over a 50.
1st Place - $15, Randomly Generated Stage 1, 20% Off Coupon (Good for anything downtown.)
2nd Place - $10, Randomly Generated Basic, $10 Off Coupon (Good for anything downtown.)
3rd Place - $5, Baby Pokemon, Free Berry from The Item Shop

Well. I still need to grade these, but they will be up really soon. :)


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