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Originally Posted by foxamivalth
happiness pokemon

blissey is a pink egg-like pokemon whose height is 4’11’’ or 1.5 m. And her weight is 103.2 lbs or 46.8 kg. Blissey is the evolution from chansey via happiness. All blissey’s family; happiny, chansey, and blissey, are female. There was no male blissey ever found. Blissey has white fur from her stomach to the lowest part of her body except her leg, and there is a pouch on the stomach to hold her egg. She has wing-like appendages where her arms meet her body, and also on the white fur on her waist. Chansey had three quite long enough hair each on the left and right part of her head, and they are curled up since she is blissey. And blissey also has lost her tail as she was chansey.

field journal
blissey can be found in urban area. She works in pokemon centers and hospitals. She is a caring and kind-hearted angelic pokemon that will rush to any sick pokemon and nurse them. She doesn’t differ a friend or an enemy, she treats all injured pokemon the same and takes care for them until they recover from their illness.

Blissey may sense sadness near her. If she feels that someone is sad, she will come to that person and share him a bite of her egg of happiness. Whoever takes a bite of the egg will instantly smile and feel like he is being in a deep happiness.

Blissey is a nurse pokemon that wishes for everybody’s happiness, so that she doesn’t like to get involved in a battle if it doesn’t really needed. She rarely attacks, in that case, she is really weak at attacking. But she has built up her defensive power to a real legendary-like pokemon. Noone will ever beat her defense. Her strong defense protects her from being hurt so that she can keep nursing injured pokemon in a battle. When she is hurt, she will use softboiled to heal herself by 20% hp. If there are too many pokemon injured, blissey will use heal pulse to heal them by the same amount, but for a faster way.

Originality and Creativeness - 8
I felt like you were strictly following the Pokedex entries, the anime, and just the way Blissey looks to everyone. I didn't see anything you came up with inside the whole mix. I could also tell your source as well.
Realism - 20
Spelling and Grammar - 10
Velocity graded this so, I don't know...
Writing -18
Your writing, to me, was fine. The only thing that caught me was this repetitiveness of happiness, eating her egg, and ect.


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