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Default Re: Sun teams are good too

Originally Posted by Slade View Post

Ninetails@focus sash

Ability: Drought
Nature: Modest
255 Speed 255 Special Attack
-Nasty Plot
-Hidden Power[Fighting]

This is Offensive Ninetails. Toxic comes in handy to poison bulky water switch-ins as well as various other threats. HP fighting lets me take on Tyranitar and Heatran fairly well provided I have a substitute up. Flamethrower is the obligatory STAB move of choice because of its PP and accuracy.

The pokémon name is actually Ninetales, not Ninetails. Nintendo likes to spell the names in ways to confuse us.

I'm not sure how your Ninetales is able to put up a substitute, considering none of its teammates can subpass, and it doesn't have the move either. I'd consider Energy Ball as a possible move, due to it doing serious damage to most types that threaten Ninetales. Or, if you're confident in your ability to maintain the sunshine, Solarbeam has always treated my fox nicely.

On your Sawsbuck, Jump Kick actually does incredible damage to Tyranitar, and is a better choice that Megahorn when striking him. I'm not saying that Megahorn isn't a a good move for dealing with other threats, but Jump KIck will handle old Tyranitar much better. Nature Power isn't determined by weather, but location. It'll always be earthquake.
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