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Default Digimon Mystery Dungeon

“What has happened to you, Barbara?”
“I don’t know. Nothing I guess, Susie.”
“No. This is what has happened!”
Susie had gotten a needle out filled with a clear liquid. She injected it into Barbara . Barbara had gone unconscious. Susie then threw Barbara into a portal and that is just the start of it all….

This RP is about some people who have turned into Digimon (like in PMD). They have to work together to figure out what has happened before it is too late. If it gets too late, you might get sick. If you are separated from the group that you are in (there will be 2 groups) you will get very sick and possibly die. You will go through Mystery Dungeons and finally reach the master rank. If you reach the master rank you will have the choice to stay or go home. If you stay a new form will be unlocked, Burst Mode.

-All Roleplaying rules apply.
-Small romance and violence.
-Don’t overpower yourself.
-I can refuse your form.
-You can have up to THREE characters.
Note: You can Digivolve.

Appearance: (images may be used)
Starter Post:

My form:
Name: Barbara Louise Lyons
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Digimon: Botamon
Other: Ghost powers
Starter Post: Up top.
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