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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

I'll abstain from voting for the time being because for some reason whenever I vote and then put up a sig at the same time mine gets overlooked (you jerks).

[Dagger] Skarmory (F)
Ability: Sturdy
Stats: None
Signature Move: Rogue Daggers
Type: Dual Steel/Flying | BP: 50 | Accuracy: 85 | Classification: Physical | Energy Modifier: 8
Description: Dagger was born on a Breeding farm to a kindly old caretaker who treated her charges every bit like a mother, right down to nightly bedtime stories. Dagger's favorite story was always of the legendary Skarmory Rogue, who used the unique nature of his feathers to become a Robin Hood figure, stealing food from humans to feed hungry wild Pokemon. Wanting to emulate her hero, Dagger managed to replicate one of his most famous techniques, flying daggers which turned into caltrops on impact. Her normal spikes attack works by breaking off parts of her feathers (which spontaneously grow back) and scattering them across the ground. Dagger has adapted the technique to work on its own, and on a time delay. With a single swipe of her wings, she sends two long, bladed silver feathers towards her opponent, pushing them forward with a burst of wind for extra force. On hitting the opponent, they shatter, leaving just the pointed tips to deal damage to the target. The remaining pieces are sent scattered by the force of the blow, similar to spikes but distinguished by being bladed rather than pointed.

Effects: Scatters caltrops after use. When a Pokémon on the target's party is released from their PokéBall, incoming Pokémon loses HP. If incoming Pokémon is 4x weak to Steel, 25 HP is lost. 2x weaK: 12. netural: 6. 2x resist: 3. 4x resist: 1.
Usage Gap: Three rounds. Only one layer of caltrops can be applied at a time.
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