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Default Re: Pokérus Empire ® :Tausend Jahre Pokérus Reich: -14/15-

Originally Posted by hectic View Post
Ok I didn't get suspended, but I'm sure that my point wasn't believed or understood correctly, but IDC anymore. She doesn't have a reason to f*ck with me anymore and if she tries to, let's just say her mom will be introduced to the situation and she will be known as a drug addict.

ANYWAY, F*ck social life. It's been a b*tch lately. I am going to import my SS team and I want people on tonight to test it. I think it works excellently. I also want to make some signatures for you guys or something. I made a new one not too long ago for my account on a different website, I just got to do some editing to it and it'll look amazing. And I'll have to change the name on the sig. I can also make banners if needed guys.

EDIT: Eevee, what is that website you use that imports it to the GTS?
i recall you mentioned something about maybe being suspended, but i think i didnt get all the details, drug addict?


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