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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Originally Posted by paperfairy View Post

[M|Sand Veil]

Sig Move: Volcanic Volley

Signature Move: Volcanic Volley
Description: Garchomp learns a respectable amount of Fire-type moves. Garchomp, unfortunately, was a monster designed for 1vs1 combat - it is not a team player. This Garchomp, however, has been in training to work better as a team player. Rather than a single stream of flaming fury, Garchomp tilts its head at the sky, charging very hot, concentrated blasts of fire. Garchomp launches them into the air, one after the other. Due to the extra power being forced into each blast, Garchomp cannot aim, and rather, sends blasts into the air, hoping they hit their intended target. The possibility does exist that Garchomp's partner will be hit.
Type: Fire
Base Power: 60
Accuracy: 50
Classification: Special
Energy Modifier: 4
Impact: All Pokémon outside of Ball except User
Priority: 0
Effects: All Pokémon that are hit with this move are BRN.
Usage Gap: Once every 3 rounds
Approved {1/2}
Sabi: All approved {2/2}
Fox: Magmortar and Electivire approved. {2/2}
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