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Default Re: Individual RP: ChainReaction01 (Woods)


Ranger Ivy Frost


Jathan seemed pleased enough to take a picture, and Ivy watched him slowly pull out his camera. He aligned the shot carefully, smiling at the wild Pokémon so it didn't get startled. Must've been a breeders' touch, since the Wigglytuff didn't move as he snapped the shot. With the creature half-hiding behind the tree, it made for an interesting image.

The pink Pokémon departed after that, letting Jathan put away his equipment. “Nice to see those skills coming in handy,” Ivy said to him, smiling a bit as he jumped slightly from her voice. “Do you have the chance to get out much with your line of work?”

After, they continued on the path. It got a little bit lighter, but not by much. She could see patches of sunlight through the canopy though, lighting up their ceiling in an almost-checkerboard pattern. She didn't need the light to see though, since the trees easily marked the sides of the path. Eventually they would probably get the chance to venture off of it, and Ivy thought she'd like the change of pace.

An almost-unheard tap sounded above them, but she kept the group walking. She saw Haji's ears twitch slightly too, and it wasn't long before he pinged her mind.

“I hear it,” she answered, feeling the energy of another Pokémon. It was trying its best to be silent, and it was doing a pretty good job of it. She could probably only tell the difference between its sounds because of the energy she could sense from it and all the training she had done with Haxbat. He liked to play ninja too.

Ivy wasn't sure Jathan heard it though, and since she knew the Pokémon didn't have any ill-intent, she decided to let it have its fun. It had sped up its pace a little so it was ahead of them. Ivy slowed down a bit, trying to help it out. She had to fight to not look up to see if she could see it.

Then, a whoosh of air came down from above, and Ivy ducked to the side as a yellow, blue, and red bird came darting down from the treetop, flashing in front of Jathan before falling to the ground and scuttling back up the path so it was in front of them.

She recognized it as an Archen, a prehistoric-type bird that couldn't fly it. Instead, it moved around by hopping from branch to branch and used its wings to somewhat glide for short periods of time, allowing it the previous stunt.

Ivy turned to see Jathan's reaction and to see if he wanted to battle or not.


Current Battle Stats:

??? ??? Archen: 100%


Trainer Stats

Name: Chainy
Location: Woods
11 Encounters Remaining
Hi-Def Scyther Disk: 3/5
Area Effects: It's nice out.
Pokémon Encountered: Ninjask, Kricketune, Wigglytuff, Archen
Pokémon Captured: None
MCR: 0/25,000 [Intermediate Rank]

Items: 4x Park Ball; 4x SuperBall; 4x HyperBall; 2x Calming Fragrance Plus; 18x PokeDoll; 5x Honey; Squirtbottle; Pokeplayer; Digital Camera; Blank Disk x2; 7x Lava Cookie; Park Pass; Status Bomb x2; Love Potion; Max Revive x2; Premium Honey; Pax-A-Punch; Digital Camera Zoom Lens; Heal Potion; 4x Full Heal; 2x Max Potion; Supreme Park Ball; Glossy Lens; High-Def Voice Disk (Scyther)

Pokémon Stats

Dual the Gallade (Male)
Serious Nature
Justified DW Ability
HM/TM: HM01-Cut, HM04-Strength, HM05-Flash, HM08-Rock Smash, TM06-Toxic, TM24-Thunderbolt, TM26-Earthquake, TM33-Reflect, TM44-Rest, TM45-Thunder Wave, TM48-Rock Slide, TM50-Substitute, TM58-Psych Up, TM59-Hidden Power[ROCK], TM60-Sunny Day, TM65-Rain Dance, TM67-Endure, TM71-Return, TM72-Shadow Ball, TM76-Sleep Talk, TM82-Attract, TM88-Focus Punch, TM93-Bulk Up, TM95-Taunt, TM96-Light Screen, TM98-Brick Break, TM101-Rock Tomb, TM102-Aerial Ace, TM103-Torment, TM106-Skill Swap, TM107-Snatch, TM117-Drain Punch, TM118-Will-o-Wisp, TM123-Recycle, TM126-Stone Edge, TM132-X-Scissor, TM134-Cross Poison, TM139-Trick Room, TM147-Low Sweep, TM159-Bulldoze
BM/SM/MT: Confuse Ray, Shadow Sneak, Ice Punch, Fire Punch, Pain Split, Encore, Thunderpunch, Wish, Mean Look, Mirror Coat, Vacuum Wave, Disable, Destiny Bond, Trick, Memento, Zen Headbutt, Magic Coat

Koma the Bisharp (Male)
Brave Nature
Defiant Ability
HM/TM: HM01-Cut, TM06-Toxic, TM45-Thunder Wave, TM50-Substitute, TM64-Protect, TM95-Taunt, TM98-Brick Break, TM125-Rock Polish, TM126-Stone Edge, TM132-X-Scissor
BM/SM/MT: Psycho Cut, Sucker Punch

Saya the Ninetales (Female)
Gentle Nature
DW Drought Ability
HM/TM: TM22-Solarbeam, TM50-Substitute, TM64-Protect, TM108-Energy Ball, TM111-Overheat


“Ooooh, can we go by the Butterfree exhibit dad?” Chain asked. “I just love when they tickle my nose.”
-"Day at the Zoo" by Bumblebee

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