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Default Re: Diamond1304 vs Mizuki Emi [Fox Refs!]

Round 2


[Shinryu] Dratini (F)
HP: 100
Energy: 88
Ability: Shed Skin
Status: Safeguard for 3 more actions
Moves: ExtremeSpeed ~ Waterfall

Mizuki Emi

Chansey (F)
HP: 100
Energy: 84
Ability: Natural Cure
Status: PAR
Moves: Heal Bell ~ Ice Beam

Shinryu didn't want to waste anymore time. She strengthened her body and dashed like a wind and hit Chansey directly even without Chansey realized it. Chansey was puzzled of what that thing was, she couldn't even see what was moving. But she could feel something touched her. She looked at Dratini, Dratini was still on her spot.
[ExtremeSpeed; Dratini - 22 NRG, Chansey - 4 HP]

Chansey hated status ailments, she tried to get rid the paralysis. She closed her eyes, let out a smooth chime from her mouth. It was soothing and relaxing. Chansey felt better now. She was refreshed and ready to go again.
[Heal Bell; Chansey - 7 NRG, Chansey's status ailments are healed]
[Paralysis Roll was 3470 where any result less than or equal to 5000 resulted in (Pokemon) successfully carrying out its orders.]

Chansey looked at the eel Pokemon in front of her. She looked cute, but Chansey believed herself was even cuter. She clapped her hands like a happy little kid and she opened her mouth to blow a thin ice string to Dratini. The ice enveloped Dratini and inflicted effective damage to her.
[Ice Beam; Chansey - 16 NRG, Dratini - 15 HP]
[FRZ rolls 7/10, no FRZ]

Dratini shook her body to let go the ice string on her body. She opened her mouth, shot weak wave of water in front of her. Then again, Shinryu dashed and jumped to Chansey. As she dashed, the water she shot became stronger and covered Shinryu in a long water tornado. The tornado headed towards Chansey. It hit Chansey and tossed Chansey up. The tornado returned to Dratini's position and the water vortex was end. Shinryu returned to her position, but she felt exhausted. Chansey was cleaning her body after she fell down and she looked at Dratini, she giggled, her opponent was just suiciding.
[Waterfall; Dratini - 22 NRG, Chansey - 4 HP]

Round Over


[Shinryu] Dratini (F)
HP: 85
Energy: 44
Ability: Shed Skin
Status: Safeguard for 1 more actions
Thinking: That is an egg? But I can't hurt it at all! Dx

Mizuki Emi

Chansey (F)
HP: 92
Energy: 61
Ability: Natural Cure
Status: -

Both Battlers’ SPD are 50.
Second turn: rolls 2/2 results in Chansey moves first

Mizuki Emi, your next moves, please.

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