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Default Re: Signature and Tutored Moves

Originally Posted by Foxamivalth View Post
That Gurdurr, only the female needs to be changed? And the male one lasts until Gurdurr's HP hit 30? :/ Sexist? :P

Toxicroak ()
Ability: Anticipation
Obtain: Trade with sammy0295
[B]Sig Move: Paralyzing Blow
Toxicroak's red huge fingers are poisonous, she knows it. But she doesn't want to use it just to poison the opponents, she wants to use them for another purpose. Toxicroak is type of Pokemon that stays away from the enemy and learns her enemy's movement first. She seeks for the enemy's weak spot and she will focus her attack on that spot to stop the target from getting up again.
Type: Fighting | BP: 80 | Accuracy: 100
Classification: Physical
Energy Modifier: 0
Effect: Toxicroak jabs the foe's weak spot and there is 50% chance to paralyze the target (target = PAR).
Usage Gap: any time

Tangrowth ()
Ability: Leaf Guard
Sig Move: Entangle
What is inside Tangrowth? Only Tangrowth knows. To let other Pokemon know, Tangrowth entangles and traps the target into his vines and makes the target easier to be hit.
Type: Grass | BP: 35 | Accuracy: 100
Classification: Physical/Status
Energy Modifier: 10
Effect: Tangrowth catches the target and entangles it inside his vine. The target is trapped and canít switch as long as Tangrowth is trapping it. The trapped target loses 2 HP at the end of each round. If Tangrowth is burnt, the trapped Pokemon is also burnt, if Tangrowth is poisoned, the trapped Pokemon is also poisoned, if Tangrowth is frozen, the trapped Pokemon is also frozen. When trapped, Fly, Bounce, Dig, Dive, or any other moves that leaves the field canít be used, except Ghost Force. Using Fire, Electric, Water, Ice, and moves that splashes also hits the trapped target for 0.25 of the damaged dealt to Tangrowth. If Tangrowth is asleep, the trapped Pokemon has 50% chance to escape the vines. Pokemon that are larger than Tangrowth (height > 2 meter) has 30% chance to escape the vines at the end of each round and 100% chance to escape when Tangrowth is sleeping. This move works until it is stopped by Rapid Spin or user is switched.
Usage Gap: when this move is not in effect.
Hm. They both need usage gaps - at least one round for either one.
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