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The Silver-Tongue:

Name: Drauvant Domini

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Status: Tungz WAE

Appearance: Drauvant is a thin, tall man who always seemed to be better dressed than everyone else. He is rarely not smiling, which is rather daunting as his smiles are cold, his blue eyes are chilly, and his expressions always seem cool, condescending, and built to unnerve. He comports himself in a very dignified manner, holding his tapered, clean-shaven chin high. He has short, thick brown hair which sweeps upward at his forehead. His common wear is tux-and-tie, even when 'in the field'. Beneath his tux, if you were ever to see it, can be found his twin pistols, which he calls 'Order and Chaos'.

Drauvant is pretty much a dapper, freaky creeper and there is really no disguising it once you figure him out. He speaks calmly and politely, appearing even friendly at times. However, underneath this cool, polite exterior is a cold, calculating, ruthless, (mad?)man who will stop at nothing to achieve his ends - namely, power for himself. It is said that he was once kind and happy, but no longer - now, he is most pleased to see his enemies fall to WAE and to kill things with his gun. He once had a moral stake in WAE, but that died with his true emotions. The only being in the world he cares for, other than himself, is Fury.

When Drauvant was young, he was a sweet and caring boy - if a bit sociopathic. His mother and father were a Tuner and a Scribz respectively. They taught Drauvant how to be creative and also how he should conceal it. When he was just a preteen, he and his parents were found out as Deviants and taken by the WAE. His parents refused to give into WAE were executed, but Drauvant was allowed to live on the condition that he served the WAE. Drauvant hated the people who killed his parents, but he decided that living was better than dying. One of the higher-up WAE mentored him. Drauvant learned every stitch of his cool demeanor from his father-figure, who spited Drauvant for every bit of emotion that the young boy showed. When Drauvant grew old enough, he murdered the man in secret and was granted his position. Now Drauvant hunts down Deviants, lacking all the mercy he was never shown.

He is an exceptional shot with a pistol. He is also very skilled with machinery, especially guns, and is able to make his own customized weapons for optimal Deviant-killing conditions. He is an excellent runner and is actually very strong and agile.

His Former Guardian:

Name: Fury

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Immortal (Beings made of energy - they can take any form they choose when they walk among mortals. Fury usually appears as a feline.)

Appearance: Fury has similar characteristics through all of her forms. Her eyes are always violet, her coat is always russet-red with darker spots dappling her back, and she always has a white splotch on her forehead. For every form she takes, she tends to be on the lither, slimmer side of the species she imitates. She is fierce of face, with large fangs and long claws. In ethereal form, she becomes a pale violet wave of energy that often mimics whatever she was before she reverted to ethereal. She usually appears as a lioness, a manticore, a leopard or jaguar, or a housecat.

Personality: Fury's name is both fitting and unfitting - ordinarily, she's humorous, loud, confident, and sweet - if a bit brash and irritable. However, if you get her angry you will deeply regret it. However, Fury doesn't truly 'anger' easily, and she tries to keep her temper in check. She hates WAE with a passion. She tends to be rather suspicious and hostile, especially to strangers. To friends she's the laughing life of the party. She also has a kind, motherly, gentle side that usually is only expressed in Drauvant's relatively nonreciprocating direction.

Information: Fury is the product of Drauvant's desire for a guardian angel - someone who could protect him from his 'mentor's' biting sarcasm and insults. Fury is the one who helped Drauvant to stay reasonably sane. However, she has lately grown apart from him. She is very angry at the way he's allied himself with the WAE and is trying, simultaneously, to get him to see sense and to undermine the WAE. She is trying to form a coalition of Sonas to fight the WAE - a small guerrilla team similar to what the WAE themselves use. She has no true 'home' - she once lived in Efin, but her Horizon was destroyed and she narrowly escaped the same fate.

Abilities: Immortality: Fury does not naturally age, nor does she fall prey to any but the strongest of contagions. She can be killed, but only by poison or by injuries.

Ethereality: Fury can become ethereal - a living ghost of violet energy. This is her true form. While she is in this form, she can almost be defined as gaseous. In this state, she cannot be wounded and she is capable of very fast travel.

Mindsight: Fury can see into the minds of others. She cannot control their thoughts, but she can still hear and see them.



Excuse my WIP-iness.

Also, where should I put my characters in relation to the others? I don't want to be alone. /is hopeless
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