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Default Re: PE2K Battle Stadium staff sign up thread.

Name: Void

Preferred Name: Void I suppose? Justin is my real name, I don't mind if you call me that either.

Reason for wanting to be a staff member: Quite simply, my reason is that I want to continue to be involved on what was my first ever Pokemon forums.

Greatest Pokemon Related Achievement: Check out my ladder peaks @ sig.

Time Zone GMT Format: GMT +8

Available Platforms (ex: Wifi/Shoddy/PO): PO. I still have Shoddy on my comp, though I'm pretty sure it's been dead for a long time now lol.

Any Other Noteworthy Details about yourself: I used to moderate the old Shoddy Battle server. I currently also am an administrator on one Pokemon Online server and a moderator on another (both are fairly active servers that get more than 30 people daily). So I can say that I do possess quite a bit of experience not just as a PE2K member but also as a staff member.

Thoughts about the stadium: I think this would be a great idea, our Battling Center has been slowly improving lately IMO, and this can help even more.