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Default Re: The URPG Times HQ & Recruitment Office

By Matthew, Text Edited By Ataro

Our History & Goals

Dated back as far as 2004, the URPG Times had a humble beginning by its founder, [Fair] of PE2K. Although it started out solely for the URPG alone, Fair’s articles, along with his helpers in each section amassed popularity and fame over time, and thus his work evolved from a measly URPG oriented Newspaper to a forum wide Newsletter, “The PE2K Times”. Of course he was able to handle different kinds of new readers, in his own unique ways and boy, did he have a sense of humor! However, as time passed by, the PE2K Times died one eventual day. It was brought back up again as ‘The URPG Newsletter’, only to revolve around the URPG this time round, but due to some reasons and happenings, it went back to the graves where it emerged from. Days, Months, and a Year or so passed. When URPG opened a new Branch in the Bulbagarden Forums, the popularity and activity it had earned made concerning URPG Staff to think for a while, and decided to tamper with the dead Newsletter. We hope to be able to achieve the following:
  • Report on the URPG
  • Let the community know what's happening and what's interesting
  • Establish a dialogue with the members
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

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