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Default Finding the Past [SU/DS]

Finding the Past [SU/DS]

“No one was meant to know about this!”
It is the year 2033, and the world is perfect…or is it?

One scientist from each Continent have come together to make a time machine. The time machine can go to any period in time, even the future. No one knew of its powers until one boy stumbled upon the labs, somehow locating his way towards the time machine. He went through the time machine, grabbing the small pocket watch on the table as he left. He found himself with many Native Americans. He chuckled and grabbed some bow and arrows, shooting most of them, if not all. He had no idea what he had just changed.

Back in the present time, everyone had passed out. Many types of animals had gone from extinct to somewhat endangered. Indian children became rare to find, and some technology was lost. As he continued messing with the times, things became worse and better, though mainly worse. In China, more people invaded due to the loss of the Great Wall of China. The French and Americans became rivals over the loss of the Statue of Liberty. Pokémon also started popping up, though everyone was happy about that, especially Japanese people.

A few kids and even less adults noticed this, and decided they had to take action. More bad things happened; the good things seemed to have stopped. But how would they stop this madman without injuring the past and present more?

They decided to go into the past and attempt to find where the mysterious boy that was messing with the past had gotten to. Now, however, we have been teleported somehow to the Pokémon world (Mainly because otherwise I’d brainfart at all the cities)


There are about three choices.

You are one of the few kids that have gotten some since knocked into them and knows that someone’s messing with the past. Your mission, must you chose to accept it, is to find the lab that the time machine is located in, find the boy, stop him, and find a way to repair the past. You may have up to two powers, if any.

You are an average human who has no clue that the Statue of Liberty ever existed, nor the Great Wall of China. You wonder what the kids are doing, try to help them along the way, or try to stop them, thinking their crazy for saying that there was once a Statue of Liberty in New York, or a Great Wall in China.
If you try to stop the kids, you follow them, trying to stop them from making it to the lab. You include scientists who don’t want you going near the lab, random people, and people who work.
If you chose to work with the kids, you try to stop the people that think this is crazy, and that everyone helping needs to go to a mental hospital. You yourself may think this is crazy, though you’re helping anyway. This mainly includes teens, kids, and young adults.
If you don’t give a care if they do it or not, you ask them what they’re doing occasionally, but otherwise work, eat, sleep, poop, do whatever humans do, and possibly even work. This mainly includes mothers, babies, and vampires.

You are a Pokémon. You are either owned or wild, and if you are owned you’re normally only owned by those helping the kids or trying to stop them.
If you are captured, you do what the kids do and what those helping the kids do or you help them.
If you are wild, it’s your choice whose side you’re on.

1.) No godmodding/power playing. It’s just no fun. If I see any Godmodding/Power playing in this RP, I will kick you somewhere no person wants to be kicked.
2.) Pokémon can be shiny, odd-colored, normal, or fake, or even fusions. If it is fake or a fusion, however, I must have an idea of what it is. Also, Pokémon may have different parts Ex. Flareon with a fire mane like Cyndaquill if you provide a few sentences on why.
3.) I don’t live by the rule of PP, four attacks per Pokémon, etc. I, however, do live by some, if not all, ASBL/Anime things. Meaning I use energy, HP, and ghost-types have a move called Phase shift. If you don’t have a clue what the ASBL is, go here.
4.) No Mary Sues/Gary Studs. No one’s perfect, and you should know that. Even angels have flaws. If I see it, your fate will be the same as it would be for power playing.
5.) Try to stay away from using canon characters. I honestly despise that unless its canon, but from a fanfic instead of a real book, movie, or anime.
6.) Travel posts will go in Departure->En Route-> Arival order, as it would be in Neo’s RPs.
7.) Please take some time on your posts. AKA no one-liners, even if you’re in a Pokémon battle (which, as in the ASBL, must be reffed xD)

1.) People can die in this RP, though they could possibly come back to life if and only if they have PMed me with a good-quality post, talking to Hades, on why you should get another chance at life. You have two chances at life. You will only die if you wish to. If you don’t wish to control a character any longer, I’ll kill it for you.
2.) You may have as many characters as you can control.
5.) You may have any two powers (if you control one of the kids) that you want, but you may only have two and they mustn’t be godmod powers.


The Kids (Past Finders)

Name: (First and last)
Age: (12-20)
Appearance: (A picture or a paragraph)
Personality: (One paragraph)
History: (Honestly, what could be bad about this? At least one and a half paragraphs. May be longer)
Powers: (Up to two, no godmod powers.)
Theme song: (Optional)
Pokémon Team: (Optional)
Other: (Anything else)


Name: (First/last)
Age: (10-25)
Appearance: (A picture or a paragraph)
Personality: (One paragraph)
History: (Honestly, what could be bad about this? At least one and a half paragraphs. May be longer)
Side: (With the kids, against the kids, or neither)
Theme song: (Optional)
Pokémon Team: (Optional)
Other: (Anything else)


Nickname: (If any)
Level/Age: (Both, please)
Gender: (Genderless Pokémon put nothing here)
Appearance: (Mainly for Pokémon with odd colors, fakemon, fusions, Pokémon with different patterns, etc.)
Side: (With or against the kits, wild or captured)
Personality: (One paragraph)
History: (One paragraph unless you’re a lv. 1)
Theme Song: (Optional)
Signature move: (Optional)
Other: (Anything else)

This RP supports the Pe2k Anime Style Battling League.
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