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Default Re: NaNoWriMo 2011

I participated when I was twelve, that's two years ago(yea go figure my age with maths. xD). I don't really like writing for the sake of competitions and within a MONTH. Like a novel in one month, that's just too hectic and crazy for me. I mean, I don't see Jodi Picoult, Agatha Christie, Rick Riordan etc finishing a book in a MONTH. Yeah, but well the experience was at least relatively memorable, but gee I was 12, I had no life. Now with more exams at this age, writing has one of the least priorities. xD

Oh God, I'm so rude to forget about everyone else. Either way, good luck on to all who is participating! If you do win, why that IS great and I'm sure we could have some sort of party? Nehh, just my party animal side speaking. xP

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