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Default Re: PE2K Battle Stadium staff sign up thread.

I'll help ^o^

Name: Shiny Jolteon
Preferred Name: SJ, Jolteon, Corey. It doesn't really matter XD
Reason for wanting to be a staff member: I can help with the Wi-Fi Leauge section and with PO & Wi-Fi.
Greatest Pokemon Related Achievement: I've been a Gym Leader in the WFL, I am active, and I guess friendly? XD
Time Zone GMT Format: GMT -4, EST Time.
Available Platforms (ex: Wifi/Shoddy/PO): Wi-Fi & PO
Any Other Noteworthy Details about yourself: I can help with anything WFL & PO Related ^_^ I can also help resolve Wi-Fi Problems :) And though I'm not the best competitive battler, I'm on my way! X3
Thoughts about the stadium: I'd love it to be as popular as it can be! We can do it! :3