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Default Re: NASCAR Mess

Originally Posted by Inferno
I don't think NASCARscrewed anybody. The decision that they made was fair, Gordon was leading when the flag came out, Jr. passed him after they waved the flag.
Being from alabama, I really didn't enjoy the fact that everyone (Jr. Fans that is) threw cans and cups a Jeff Gordon during his celebration. People can be mad with the way NASCAR handled it, but don't go to the extent of doing damage to property of a man, a team, or the track. I think the people in the stands handled it very poorly.
And to the thing with the guy sending 500+ hate e-mails to FOX, I'm sure he's in jail for threats or soemthing like that. Because you can't setence someone to jailtime for mail, unless it was threatening or damaging.
People just need to figure out how to control their passion and keep from getting upset so easily. Losing sucks, it's the only one thing in the world that really gets me flustered, but I still learn to lose gracefully. Let it eat you up inside, don't throw crap. LOL.
Hate mail is a threat. Yes, they handled it poorly. I'm sure he's lost plenty of races and they didn't throw beer then!
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