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Default Re: Eon Sky: You Have No Idea.

And with that, the emotions let loose into every muscle I had. The Arbiters were enough of a distraction for the closest interceptor's load of infantry to be torn to pieces by Iris, as evidenced by flesh flying outside it, blood-stained shreds of dark fabric, and Iris' roars or pent-up fury. Iris is not the person you want mad at you: The only person worse is Gear. Or me.

I went immediately to the next interceptor’s load of Arbiters, which had already started pouring out and killing Civilians, me having to deflect bullets from their panicked and poor aim, and started on the grizzly business. I loved it that, at last, I could administer a real blow to these a**es. I only got to kill a dozen Arbiters (give or take a few) at Tuaxin: I'd probably get far more here.

This was probably the only exception of definite memory concerning Arbiter-killing: My memories of the specific maneuvers at Trident was reduced within hours to just blood from Arbiters flying around, and the intense emotions of sadistic glee, pumping through my system stronger and faster than adrenaline…And the stronger feeling of it being a manufactured way to justify it coming through stronger. If it wasn't for the definite background, I'd be convinced I was dreaming. I could occasionally remember a face of an Arbiter, his body in a pose that was about to become one of stabbing somebody, had it not been for a quickly and lethally placed stab of my own and the brief feeling about my joy of doing this being made by myself briefly vanishing. I occasionally threw the Arbiters into portions of steel walls I made insanely hot, and I got a pang of twisted joy in the two seconds it took for him to catch fire and burn to death, and a load of guilt after that. I got a lot of frightened looks that said "You are totally insane, but thanks for saving my life!" whenever I managed to save civilians, which helped.

And THAT display of nearly inexcusable and utterly brutal death and violence was just half of the first floor, folks. It wasn't a large section either, the distance I covered walking calmly with Mario was rather short when one is dashing at full speed, stopping only to make a massacre of these Arbiters. I think I killed one hundred of them. They came in force, that was for sure…

By the time I went through the Arbiter-free (and in fact, totally ignored) staircase to the second floor, I realized that I had transformed into half-Latries form sometime along the way, I had cuts and bruises all over, some gashes in my skin, some minor bleeding wounds, and I had a lot of blood on nearly everything that wasn't mine. I asked myself a question, whispering it to the wind, hoping for a kind of deity to answer: "What have I become?" Somehow, I managed to let the my phobia of blood go ignored…Only to let a question that pierced my soul in a very painful manner to replace it: Could anything justify this?

"Avalon...I have no idea..." Latries said. Just as a reminder, he was always there, folks. You could never see him-like an imaginary friend-but he was there. And he was probably trying to answer both questions at once, too.

"Don't steal my lines." I said, in a lighthearted manner, trying to use the simple mental excuse of it being Arbiters to get away with it. It refused to leave my mind, however, and annoyingly stuck there, the fact I had killed and loved it.
Then I looked to my left, where the fight was. My heart seemed to stop beating for several, noticeable seconds.

Two people, remarkably similar. One couldn't have been more than six, the other was probably thirty. The thirty year old was an Arbiter. The six year old was at his mercy. They were father and son...They were that twisted, the Arbiters were, beyond cruel...Who'd do that, I wondered…

I didn't kill the Arbiter...I saved his son, though, pulling him way out of the way. He was crying, and I looked into his eyes, letting me see what pained him so much. That kid, he loved his father...He thought he got killed in an Arbitarian raid...He saw him kill his mother, seconds ago...

I forgot instantly that it was an abomination to kill. I shoved him over to Mario, yelling "KEEP HIM SAFE!"

I fell into a similar state of nearly no memory, only this time I felt nothing but rage. I didn't look at anything but an Arbiter, not even wasting my time with anything other than the worst possible attack I could give them, killing as many as possible with as few blows as possible, using everything at my disposal to kill them...It was probably one of the few times Latries supported violent behavior, in fact. Neither of us could tolerate that kind of cruel, twisted sport they loved doing to others...I was probably cussing my heart out all the while.

Again, this was only half one floor of a station, before something else that made me stop my mad killing spree happened.

Iris, somehow managing to keep her fur clean and herself unscathed, made it to the staircase in the center of the floor, almost missed me, but managed to get a glimpse, and she turned towards me, allowing me to get a grasp of what occurred to her since our last meeting-and confirming that yes, the Zororak named Iris that had a knack of trying to be as threatening/scary as possible was the same Iris with a lethal grudge against me I fueled only further at the container yard in Povinal.

"...I should kill you now, you know..." Iris said, once again doing her best impression of Pandora-the only person she knew that was able to cast that much fear and be that young.

"Iris..." I said, with total danger lining every last little bit of my voice.


Before she could do anything other than get three letters out of her throat, I gripped her elongated jaw and crushed it, hands Arbit-Burning. She could have easily put it out, if my hand wasn't there to keep it there. She was shocked at my sudden outburst, and to no avail she tried to claw my hands off, but suddenly found herself unable to do anything aside from inefficient things like wiggling a claw or twitching an ear-I had messed her brain signals up, literally short-circuiting her. Well, minus her panic-stricken eyes. Our gazes met, and mine must have been that of an outraged dragon, or something else quite intimidating that needed little convincing outside of your existence and presence to kill you instantly.

"GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT!!" I screamed at her, insanely angry, slapping her across the face with enough force to make the blow heard across the station. "Arbiters do sick, twisted things, and I don't have the d**m time to waste dealing with d**m b****ards who think I'm going to take this lightly!! I JUST SAW A KID NEARLY GET STABBED TO DEATH BY HIS DAD!!! KILL THEM OR DIE!" I yelled, peak of my voice having a kind of fury that everybody stared at me for. I let go of Iris, who at this point, had given up at her worthless and fruitless acting.

"Y-y-your eyes..."

"WHAT ABOUT THEM?!" I yelled, kicking her with Paradoxial Lightning violently crackling at my foot, letting her fall down. Her breathing was labored and tense, and she was still looking at me, now the one scared. And she was the one who could regenerate herself from a shred of flesh, people.

Thanks to the slightly reflective surfaces that were on stairwell walls, I did catch a brief glimpse of my own eyes, now a blue as deep as the sky, with a lethal spark brimming and churning within, masking the usual caring hazel. I didn't pay too much attention: I cared for Arbiters dying.

The exit from the stairway this time led to a ‘fortified’ area-a rough and hastily made construct of portions of the station that fell over laid out in a manner to provide cover. This defensive creation was probably made by the pale-skinned humanoids from before and Onlisk forces, both present. If I was in more knowledge of who these pale-skinned humanoids were and what their relations were with humans, I'd be curious how they'd be working together that good, even if I already knew they were only helping to survive.

One of the particularly bigger humanoids-complete with some kind of slim armor and a mobile Gatling gun-just took an arrow to the head and lost the latter. Despite my promise not to use ARs because of how little control I could muster over them simply for the speed of the shots, without any hesitating, I ran over and took the gun.

I opened fire before the Arbiters launched one more arrow, tearing through the massive clip at three times the rate, using my new ability to keep the metal cold enough to keep firing non-stop. The bullets were flying farther than they should have, too, going through the body of one Arbiter into another. I was out of bullets fast, so instead of just reloading the dumb Mulcher, which takes forever, I promptly chucked it at the Arbiters I didn't shoot the c**p out of. At an absurd, unsafe level of Fahrenheit and velocity.

It rammed into several Arbiters, killing those who touched it more directly on the spot. Mulchers were heavy things, and I threw it with metal-contorting ability fully engaged: It was going at thrice the speed it should have, and even without that it would have still gone a distance. Then, instead of throwing it around some more and knocking more Arbiters out with it, I let the metal burst out in a kind of bomb of metal shrapnel, totally propelled strictly by my metal control. The result was fantastic: considering the complexity of making jagged shards out of a larger piece of metal, wasn't expecting it to go off so well, and I exhaled rather loudly to celebrate as the bodies of Arbiters got turned into Swiss cheese by the shrapnel. Behind me, another explosion occurred, and although the damage was done and I had no clue what happened, considering that the blast cleared out the Arbiters on the other side, I was finally breathing a little easier and relaxing. There were still floors coated with Arbiters, but for now, we had some kind of break from intense fighting.

I suddenly found a weakness taking the place of the rage I just removed from my mental system, and I bent over on all fours, feeling exhausted, on the verge of going unconscious. I must have wasted more energy than I should have...I glanced over to a wrecked machine nearby where I was, thankfully still operating to an extent, and I got up, taking slow steps, and put my hand on the machine. I started doing the energy-free process of draining the remaining energy. I was lucky at how Volteers could take energy from sources aside from resting, eating and drinking. I was on my feet when the machine stopped pumping energy.


Iris breathed, and that was all I needed to know that she was there. I turned around, looking at the human form I associated Iris with more, still looking a little ill-tempered at me, but seemed willing to cooperate from the kind of stern face she was giving.

"Fine, what do you want?" She asked.

"Aside from dead Arbiters, your cooperation, and of course the ability to let me and the rest of Eon Sky leave without hassle? Nothing." I said.

"...Ugh! Fine!" She said. "There are two parts to the station, and both are separated by a small section of station on this floor, to the right of here. The Arbiters have taken over that half of the station completely: No surviving Civilians or Onlisk soldiers. The two floors above us are also totally flooded with Arbiters, but the two floors under us are chock-full of civilians. The doors that appear during lockdown are Arbit-Proofed, and are invulnerable to almost all forms of offensive, emphasis on 'almost.' Anything really, really, really severe and it'll give. There's two of these doors separating us from them, so I think we're safe from reinforcements for now... Iris started. She looked in pain at me winning, even if our interests were at the moment combined. "The security offices, which control the lockdown, are situated near the second floor in this half of the station and the forth floor in the other half. You need both security offices offline to disable the lockdown, so if the second floor security office isn't protected, we're screwed." She continued.

"We believe that the Arbiters invaded because of a plausible Arbitarian artifact we had in our possession. The supposed artifact in question is a pair of gloves, purple, black and red in coloration, with gold streaks forming patterns in an ancient language. The legend behind these gloves states that whoever puts them on that isn't worthy will instantly be eradicated, and I can confirm such a power. Despite that, me and the specialists that have knowledge about Arbitarian artifacts at the time of retrieval didn't think it was actually related to the Arbiters...Due to the fact that none of us were so willing to confirm the legend, and henceforth see how one gets eradicated..." Iris said. "These gloves are still at the bottom floor of this section of the station. Moving them may get rid of the Arbiters...If we could to our ships." She said, suddenly grinning.

When I did nothing, Iris continued on, losing the grin. "Anne's gone, got shot in the leg with an arrow. She isn't dead, she got warped." A brief pause. "There aren't any ships on the radar, friendly or hostile. I'm still hearing from the guys at the security center downstairs, so I'd tell you if there was one." A second pause. "The Arbiters haven't got the station's automated turret system up and running, that was shut down when the Arbiters hit, and you need both security offices to get it back on." A third pause, Iris now getting a little more angry."I haven't seen anything like an innie here. Nothing relating to Eon Sky-"

Iris obviously said the password.

BOOM! A massive blow rocked the station, and it caused all of us to fall down. Whatever that was, that was probably not good, emphasis on "probably."

<"Avalon, we've freed the Calypso from the station...About forty civilians hopped on board, though. Do you have anything we need to fire at?"> Mario said.

<"I've been dying to fire these guns at something worth shooting!"> Issac added.

<"Everyone's alright, right?"> I asked.

<"I think a few of Eon Sky's mates just kicked the bucket...But most of us were in the station's parking zone when it got shut down, and the blast was us finding out about the Calypso having Cardinal rounds.">

I did not know what a Cardinal round was, but I knew it probably could destroy quite a bit if it could punch through the lockdown doors.

<"Could the Calypso carry any more civilians?">

<"This ship was meant for at least three hundred people, at least, and that's just the parts we've found. We've got plenty of room."> Mario answered.

"Ah, poor Iris. Your win-win situation has walked out the door. The Calypso has already freed itself from the station...It can load quite a few civilians on it...I'm not sure about how many civilians. We haven't even explored all the ship yet, and we've found enough space to house three hundred people." I started. "The Calypso can leave, right now. We've already let on about forty civilians...I think I can sleep with that." I said.

"But how'd you get past the wall that kept people from the shipyard?! I know a bluff!"

"Good point. I'll ask them." I said. I allowed Iris to hear this: <"Hey, how did you get the civilians into the Calypso from outside? And how'd you get in, anyway?">

<"If Knight's Assent didn't make me any stronger on it's own, having a lot of Kinetic energy and a lot of natural strength made it easy to break through, I guess. Why ask?">

I loved it that he said it like that.

<"Just checking."> I said, grinning at Iris. Now Iris was crammed between a rock and a hard place: Knight's Assent teaching to terrorists aside, she now had to put up a better bargain than just face-words or watch me leave. She couldn't activate the turrets without killing forty civilians, and she couldn't deactivate them without going to the security office on the other side. Iris was red in the face, and several Onlisk were debating whether or not to shoot me.

"Now, Iris, you either actually promise to let us leave here as we please, and we'll see what I can arrange for civilian-saving actions...Or you don't actually make one, or watch me leave." I said. Obviously, I was influencing her decision, but did she really have one this time?

"You really should be killed for this. But you win!" Iris said, angrily.

"Great." I said. <"Mario, break through the bottom row of the parking lot without destroying the ships if you can, and if you can't, just get as many civilians on board the Calypso as possible."> I telepathed.

<"Not sure if we can avoid destroying the ships, but we'll try. What about you?"> Mario asked.

<"Can you send-">

I cut myself short. Two purple and black vortexes formed nearby, and every last gun was pointed at it, and who didn't have guns had Volteer powers at the ready.

<"...I'll tell you if I can make it."> I telepathed.

Out of the first vortex appeared Pandora, looking exactly the same as last time, including her cocky look. "Hee hee-Wait, what?" She said, probably not knowing I was going to be there, showing some confusion. I didn't even react to this: Before she could do anything else, an arrow fired from our side, tip glowing yellow and encased in a cyclone, shot straight at her head and took it off, and the vortex that had took Pandora there took her body back, missing head included. Looking for the guy that fired, I noticed one of the pale, tough and cragged-skinned humanoids with a kind of bow, looking exceptionally pleased with his work. Obviously he was avenging the Mulcher-carrying ten-foot tall humanoid that died the same way from before.

The other figure came out, and totally ready for combat was the last person I wanted to come out of all the Arbiters: Blizzard.
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