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Default Re: Gym Roster + Rentals

I choose these as my Wild Cards:

Drifblim ()
Ability: Aftermath
Sig Move: Anti-Gravity Blow
Drifblim loves to use Ominous Wind. Besides the stats boosting effect, Drifblim likes to feel the breezing wind. She always calls wind around her whenever she feels upset. Her best friend is wind. By having wind around her, she feels stronger and more confident.

Drifblim tries to call wind around her during battle to give her more strength. She spins around, faster and faster, creating whirlwind around her body and making cracks the ground. The whirlwind spreads wider and wider to the diameter of 6 meters, allowing two Pokemon to stay inside the wind. As she stops spinning, the wind starts to stop whirling. Instead, the wind blows from the cracks on the ground up high strong.

Type: Flying | BP: - | Accuracy: -
Classification: Status
Energy Modifier: 10
Effects: Drifblim creates a wall of wind around her (works for userís party Pokemon that takes the userís placeor in a Double Battle) that messes up non-physical attacks. The wind has 50% to blow the attack up high to the sky, 25% to blow some of the attack up, reducing the damage taken by half. This move lasts 10 Rounds. Using this move again while this move is in effect will cause failure.

Referee rolls 1-100 after rolling the userís and the attackís own accuracy, 1-50 causes the attack to miss, 51-75 causes the damage taken multiplied by 0.5, 76-100 the attack hits normally.

*) Moves that can be messed up:
All Fire-type, Water-type, Grass-type, Ice-type, Poison-type, Rock-type, Bug-type, Steel-type, Flying-type non-physical moves that are not listed below, Beam attack (Tri-Attack, Techno Buster, Hyper Beam, Psybeam, etc.), Pulse attack (Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, etc.), Wave attack (Sludge Wave, Thunder Wave, Psy Wave, etc.), Ball-shape moves (Shadow Bal, Ice Ball, Rock Blast, Energy Ball, etc), Sound-base moves (Relic Song, Snarl, Screech, Grasswhistle, Metal Sound, etc.).
*) Moves that can not be affected:
All Ground-type, Electric-type, Dragon-type, Dark-type, Psychic-type, Ghost-type, Fighting-type, Normal-type non-physical moves that is not listed above, Fist-based moves, moves that falls above the target (Draco Meteor, Rock Throw, Rock Slide, etc.), Trapping moves (Whirlpool, Sand Tomb, Fire Spin, etc.), Surf, and Muddy Water.
All Physical, Status (Taunt, Imprison, Grudge, Spite, etc.) and Stats Boosting/Lowering moves that are not listed above.
Usage Gap: Once per Battle.

I haven't decided for the second one. But it seems to be Drapion or Toxicroak. Higher chance for Drapion, but since I haven't own one, I'll rent it when I need it.

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